Guy Martin attempts a new land speed record with help from a company at Little Thetford

Guy Martin in training on one of the Little Thetford bike shop recumbents

Guy Martin in training on one of the Little Thetford bike shop recumbents - Credit: Archant

Action hero TV star Guy Martin is attempting a new land speed record on a hydrofoil this week with thanks to help from a company in Little Thetford.

Guy Martin's Facebook profile photo

Guy Martin's Facebook profile photo - Credit: Archant

Daredevil Guy is carrying out practice runs today (Wednesday 27) ready for Channel 4 crews to film the record attempt in a private location on the River Witham in Lincoln tomorrow (Thursday 28)

His mission has been helped along the way thanks to the help of a bike shop that has specialised in recumbent lay down bikes for 25 years.

Kevin Dunseath, of DTEK at Little Thetford, said: “He took loan of a recumbent which he trained on at Portsmouth University, some of it in their special environmental training area.

“He needed to get his muscles used to being able to ride in that position.

“Guy is a lovely character who was a pleasure to help.

“There’s a lot of science behind all of Guy’s challenges, a lot of hard work, training and research.

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“He will have been put in touch with us via word of mouth as we are one of only half a dozen or so recumbent specialists in the country.”

Guy trained on the specialist bike ahead of his attempt to break the world record for the fastest human-powered watercraft.

The attempt will be made on two hydrofoils, one is from the University of Lincoln while the other has been built by Mike Cooke from Aardvark Technologies with the propeller supplied by Rupert Wasey from Hercules Propellers.

A hydrofoil is a special type of boat, which has its hull out of the water, allowing for greater speed.

The latest series is being filmed by North One, commissioned by Channel 4, for a brand new series of Speed programmes which will be aired on Channel 4 in the Autumn.

The new series sees Guy take on three new adrenaline-fuelled challenges.

Alongside his record attempt in the hydrofoil, Guy will also attempt to break the speed record for a Transit van and cross the English Channel using a human-powered blimp.