Grit Bins Will Not be Refilled Until New Year

“Unfortunately we are now in the situation where we need to conserve salt stocks,” - Cllr Mac McGuire

PARISH councils across Cambridgeshire have been told their grit bins will not be re-filled until at least the new year because of the need to preserve the county’s salt supply.

Councillor Mac McGuire, Cabinet member for highways and access, has written to all parish councils to tell them that “unfortunately we are now in the situation where we need to conserve salt stocks.”

As a result the county council “will not be able to re-fill grit bins or provide to community groups in unparished areas in the short term.

“We will continue to look for alternative materials that are not suitable for mechanical spreaders and if we find some we will seek to re-fill your bins.”

In the meantime Cllr McGuire has pleaded with parish councils to be “as sparing as possible with the material you use to help us get through this Christmas period. I am very sorry to have to bring you this news, especially as many of you have been working with us to enhance the winter service.

“But I hope you will understand and accept our position and the need to protect the busiest areas. Clearly this decision will be reviewed once significant salt supplies have been received.”

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Cllr McGuire said as of December 23 the county council had 2,500 tonnes of salt left which equates to 17 runs “of the precautionary gritting routes”. The council was due another 1,000 tonnes this week providing another seven runs.