HIDE AND SEEK II FOLLOWING on from last week s discovery that, as far as the county council s map outside the grocers near Ely station is concerned, Soham isn t relevant enough to be marked, we seem to deserve to be ignored by a far larger organisation. R


FOLLOWING on from last week's discovery that, as far as the county council's map outside the grocers near Ely station is concerned, Soham isn't relevant enough to be marked, we seem to deserve to be ignored by a far larger organisation.

Recently we received a new copy of the BT phone book - plenty of characters, not much plot.

There are three sections that tell us about businesses, types of business and private lines. There is also a map on page one showing the area covered by the book. If you study the map you can find out where Freckenham and Kentford are as well as where our friends in Fordham and Isleham live. You can even pinpoint that centre of population and commerce, Kenny Hill, but not Soham. This is only to be expected, really. BT decided years ago that Soham didn't really exist and gave us all 'Ely' numbers, so why should they bother with the town? I bet they know where we are when it's billing time!


It might be cold and damp and miserable now, but, come May 29, I guarantee that it will be another glorious, sunny spring day. How do I know? It's Soham carnival day, and Soham carnival day is always good. One of the highlights for me each year is the announcement of the Townsperson of the Year by veteran broadcaster Richard Spendlove. This year will see the fifth person to receive the award, so it is time to start thinking about who to nominate.

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The fire and mayhem on East Fen Common the other weekend again highlighted how lucky we are to have Soham's finest looking out for us. If it wasn't for the efforts of our fire-fighters and their colleagues keeping the gas bottles safe who knows what would have happened? Whatever happens, and whenever it happens, Soham's finest turn out and do the job.

Any chance the Townsperson of the Year could be Townspeople of the Year for 2006?


The news that there are soon to be 100 homes on the Griggs Transport site (my dad's uncle, seeing as you ask) brings a question to mind. Presumably when the sewage works was set up in the dim, distant past and the good men of TC Stewart buried pipes all through town, it was aimed at a certain capacity. Since then, there have been more and more houses built, each with its own smallest room. It does make you wonder if, one day we might see a new mere that we really don't want to. Or perhaps all the people who move into town (if they can find it) should stick to a low fibre diet!


If you are looking for a couple of nights out to enjoy yourselves and help some charities, look no further. Next Saturday (February 18), there is a Race Night at the Carpenters Arms on Brook Street in aid of the Wish House Charity that takes ill children on holidays of a lifetime. It doesn't involve getting blown inside out on the heathlands of Newmarket, either.

On March 14, there is the annual concert by the Joe Loss Orchestra presented by Todd Miller in the Maltings in Ely. So why is this in the Soham column? Because it is being organised by Angie Schunmann, and you try saying 'no' to Angie Schunmann! For anyone who enjoys the big band music of the 1940s and 1950s this promises to be a real treat. And for those who might be wavering, just remember that one of Joe's singing stars in the past was Elvis Costello's dad. Angie tells me that profits from the evening will be split between the Children's' Society and a charity for people with learning difficulties. Tickets are £14 and are available from Angie on 01353 721748 or 07702 522363.


There was a small item on the back of last week's Ely Standard, which brought back memories of rivalries on Whit Mondays in the past. A group is looking for suitable fields to hold motorcycle grass track meetings. In the past, the two largest events locally both took place on Whit Monday: the carnival, of course, and the annual grass track on what is now the market field in Fordham. Both events brought in crowds from far-and-wide with many of the country's top riders competing for the Fordham Trophy.

The Ely motorcycle Club which organised the Fordham event once held the national championships in a field between Haddenham and Witcham Toll while former King's Lynn favourite Malcolm Simmons competed as a 16-year-old at a meeting on Sutton football field.

So, given the strong local tradition of grass track racing, it would be great to see the sport staged again in the area. If anyone has a suitable field call Phil on 01945 589613 or 07795 118866 and we can all get covered in dust again.