GRIGGS OF SOHAM: Well done BP at Downfields, welcome new Common Reeve and fly-posting reaches new high

TRIBUTES to two women who died earlier this year are also highlighted by columnist Geoff Griggs in his column this week.


A BEREAVEMENT is a terribly traumatic time and everyone seems to handle that trauma differently.

Two men who have lost their wives recently have certainly reacted in different ways.

Lisa Barnes’ family have thrown themselves into fundraising in a big way to remember her through a memorial fund that benefits the Arthur Rank Hospice.

Events coming up for the fund include a band day at the Comrades Club on June 23 from noon-midnight featuring Akimbo and eight other acts. All that noise for �5 and a good cause!

In August Gemma from the Chatterbox Caf� will be throwing herself out of a plane for the fund. Have a cup of coffee and find out more.

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Another recent bereavement has brought out quite a different reaction.

If you go to the bottom of Cherry Tree Lane, just before it reaches the gates onto the Wicken Horesefen, you will see a gap in the hedge with a bridge over the ditch.

Crossing the bridge brings you into a meadow of grass, trees and wild flowers; buttercups, daisies and the little blue ones we always called “birds eyes”.

If you follow the path you will eventually see a small garden with a white fence around it dedicated to Wendy, who passed away earlier this year and loved the meadow.

As the tree in the garden grows the peace and quiet will be a lovely tribute to a lovely lady.


JAKE the spaniel has a more than passing interest in lamp posts.

He quite often stands near them while pretending he’s not doing what he’s doing, but looking quite pleased that he is.

Consequently he was fascinated last Wednesday when almost every post in the town centre had had a yellow sign attached to it.

Jake is used to seeing little signs attached to street furniture announcing the direction of a builder’s latest estates, but thought that the ones on Wednesday announcing “Gold and Silver” took fly-posting to a new high.

To be fair, Jake was pleased to see that they had all been removed the next time he passed that way.


WE made a flying visit to Sheffield at the weekend to see of Soham Jnr who now lives and works there.

We thought we’d try to imagine what the city and neighbouring Peak District would look like bathed in sunshine, but couldn’t. After all it is only the second half of May!

One surprise that pleased me, at least, was the price of petrol. I had filled up at the BP at Downfilelds using the Ely Standard’s 3p off per litre coupon as the full price was 11p lower than they had attempted during the induced fuel crisis.

I wondered if I’d done the right thing as fuel can be cheaper the further north, but no, there was only one petrol station offering fuel cheaper than I had paid and that was only by a penny, the same price as two branches of a supermarket chain that doesn’t come any closer to home than Cambourne.

So well done Downfields, keep this up and the casual boycott by several locals may fizzle out.


THERE’S a new face in Soham or, rather an old face in a new position.

The position of Common Reeve, filled so efficiently for many years by the sadly missed Richard Gowing, has been taken on by well-known businessman Gordon Webster.

Working on one of our commons, Gordon has a first-hand interest in their proper usage and preservation. He has a good example to follow in that the job was always done with a good natured smile.

We wish him well.


THERE are three events coming up that you may wish to jot in your diaries.

On June 2 the Comrades Band will be performing a Jubilee Proms Concert in the Church at 7.30pm. Tickets from Soham Books.

On June 23 the St Andrew’s swimming pool fund are giving you a chance to don your finery for a summer ball at the Brook to the band Jigsaw. Tickets are �30 each from either primary school.

On July 7-8 the Soham Beer Festival will happen again on the Rec with live bands both days, the auction on Saturday and the usual attractions, but the organisers hope there will be no ambulance this year!