GRIGGS OF SOHAM: The 2012 nettle invasion, the rejuvenated website and the lack of sun

GRIGGS talks nettles, smells, websites... and the frustrating lack of sunshine.



AS has been mentioned before, it’s been a wondrous season for nettles, 6ft high beside paths and alleyways and sprouting up all over the place.

A new crop to my notice is at the bottom of the Butts. Ever since I can remember the tree at the junction of the Butts and Sand Street has had a seat around it.

Originally wooden, but latterly metal, it was always known as the “Threepenny Seat” as its many sides made it look a bit like an old bronze threepenny bit.

It was a welcome break in the walk from Downfields into town or anywhere else for that matter. Now it has succumbed to the 2012 nettle invasion and it is a brave walker who flops down on it these days.

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JAKE the spaniel really enjoys wandering along the paths around town, as much for the range of smells available as anything else.

He found a wide variety of very rich smells the other day when he was sniffing his way along the path from the East Fen Common spur of Paddock Street to the health centre.

Passing by gardens and car parks, Jake suddenly found the largest number of aromas he’d come across in a long time.

Nestled between the car parks and gardens is a small piece of land that is so covered in rubbish and debris that what’s coming off it is enough to do a spaniel’s nose in.

Jake realises that gardening isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but providing a ready-made nest for passing rats isn’t quite playing the game either.

He’ll be sorry to lose the smells, but thinks that it might be a good idea if it was cleared.

Somebody said “health and safety” but Jake made out he was going to bite them, he prefers environmental health.


WE realise you prefer your news in paper form, but sometimes there’s not time to wait for Thursday so you may have to resort to a website.

There is always the Ely Standard’s own, daily updated site, and there is the long-standing Soham site ably mastered by Chris Scurrah for the past 13 years.

Originally set up with the help of the town council and its then chairman, the late Lionel Hart, the site has won several awards over the years.

Now, to celebrate the Jubilee or the Olympics or even the wettest summer anyone can remember, Chris has dusted the site down and sent it out into the world in new finery.

If you would like to see the new look go to - well done, Chris, keep it up.


I SEE our neighbour from Fordham Moor had a bit of criticism last week.

Minister of State for Agriculture and Food, Jim Paice, for it is he, was on the wireless (radio to you at the back) and confessed that he didn’t know the price of a pint of milk.

Far be it for me to suggest how these Tories conduct themselves, but wouldn’t it have been a good idea if Mr Paice had had a word with our own councillors Palmer, Chris and James, who, between them, cover the three local councils.

More importantly, the councillors can be seen most mornings in and around town conducting their main business. Chris and James have a thriving milk delivery business and are only a phone call away, Jim.


WITH lots of schools breaking up tomorrow we definitely need considerably more sun than we’ve had to date.

There’s no point in spending the summer in front of your computer getting really pasty when there’s no chance of a sun tan anyway due to the clouds.

I did see a bright idea in the Suffolk daily the other day.

One chap thought that the hose pipe ban was such a success that we ought to instigate a sunbathing ban. I think it could just work!