GRIGGS OF SOHAM: Jake thought the age of chivalry was dead - obviously not!

COLUMNIST Geoff Griggs also reflects on storm damage, reminisces about BSW’s and calls for Thespians to join Viva’s auditions.


AT long last it looks as though the weather is catching up with the calendar. The sun has come out and it’s stopped raining, not without a final flurry, though.

Last Wednesday evening, while some were enjoying a spectacular electric storm, the bad weather decided to flex its muscles one more time and bent a street light in the middle of Fordham Road.

It then went on to fell a tree in Cherry Tree Lane after causing some damage to a roof on one of the industrial units in Regal Lane.

It does seem to have got completely out of sync, though, it usually starts raining when the schools break up; six weeks of sunshine is almost unheard of.

Let’s hope the sun smiles on all the people who will be on the rec on Friday to welcome the start of the Olympic Games with a giant screen, fun and games and Dave ‘Boy’ Green.

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JAKE the spaniel never really believed that the age of chivalry is dead.

He still believed that most people still had a lot of thought for others, in fact he still thinks so, it’s just that it is well hidden at times.

A chap he knows from the north of the town was a little miffed when his good lady did a bit of Braille parking recently and decided to let the world know who was responsible for the hole in the bumper.

Jake thought he was being less than generous but understands that he’s getting used to sleeping in the shed.


ONE of the joys of chugging up and down fields in a tractor is that you can enjoy a close up view of wildlife.

Where most of us see the occasional blackbird, gangs of squabbling sparrows and more pigeons than we care to, the chap in the cab can occasionally see something really out of the ordinary.

It happened to a man I know recently. He was doing his thing near Dolver Drove when, all of a sudden, a bird got up and ran across the field.

Not too unusual, you might think. It is when the bird is the size and shape of an emu, though.

Apparently it headed off at a great rate of knots leaving one fairly puzzled tractor driver staring at its path.

He did wonder if someone dressed as Rod Hull was about to chase it, but nothing happened.


I AM already missing BSW’s. I could almost always get what I needed there, and now it involves a trip to Newmarket and an aimless walk round and round a warehouse until I can grab a passing assistant.

Another reason to bemoan the passing of the shop is that now the windows are boarded up (thank you SNOBS members for making it necessary) there is no way you can see what is coming along Churchgate Street when you want to drive out of Market Place.


ANYONE out there with Thespian tendencies could get them fulfilled tonight.

Viva Theatre Group holds an audition from 6-9pm at the Brook for its next production of Stepping Out.

There are nine parts for women and one for a man. It would be nice if you could tap dance, but it’s not essential, also it would be nice if one lady could play the piano, but again it’s possible to get around it.

If you can’t make tonight then the whole process will happen again on August 14.


IF your theatre experience is confined to watching then KD’s production on August 3-4 could be just up your street.

It will present 42nd Street in the Arts Block at the Village College and the tickets are free! All you need to do is call 01353 721837. A donation after the performance would be much appreciated, though.

You could well be amazed at what the young people of Soham are capable of.


ON Sunday Prickwillow Museum will run the mighty pump engines that once drained the Fens.

There will also be stationary engines, model engines and (this should get the dads flocking in) working Meccano models. It runs from 11am-4.30pm and there will be bacon rolls and hot dogs.

Should you prefer things a little quieter Sunday is the last day of the Cambs open studios when you can go and see local artists at work.

There are eight artists in Soham, Wicken and Fordham participating and you can find out who and where on