GRIGGS OF SOHAM: A councillor in the stocks with wet sponges at the ready... a moment to savour!

YEAR 11 students at Soham Village College hold their prom this week and the Salvation Army prepares for its summer jumble sale.


YOU might only get to vote every four or five years but that doesn’t stop you expressing an opinion from time to time.

There was an opportunity at this year’s thankfully dry church f�te on Saturday.

As well as the various tombolas (I won a cuddly Scrappy Doo) and second-hand book stalls (two Stieg Larsson mysteries) was a stocks complete with district and county councillor James Palmer, two buckets of water and an armoury of soggy sponges.

Well, that had got to be worth �1 of anybody’s money.

Three sponges flew far too high, but the other two hit and gave everyone but James a warm feeling.

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With the Viva troupe singing beautifully in the background it was a moment to savour.


JAKE the spaniel knows a pretty sight when he sees one.

Usually it’s him reflected in a glass door or window, but he will concede that humans can be passably pleasing on the eye too.

He has a chance to prove this again on Thursday when the outgoing Year 11s turn up in all their finery for their prom. He’s also looking forward to finding out how the revellers will be turning up.

As well as the stretched limos and vintage cars he wonders if the Harley Davidsons will make another appearance, possibly another breakdown truck or a tractor, even?

He doubts if there will be a repeat of the young man arriving in a Budgens trolley, though.

On Saturday Jake thinks that he should be centre stage when the annual Wicken F�te and dog show takes place.

Jake knows it’s always a good do but has always regretted never having had the chance to shine as nobody has ever entered him in the show.

A boy can dream, can’t he?


FOUR weeks tomorrow Sebastian Coe and his merry band will find out if all their hype and bluster, not to mention freestyle ticket sales, have been worthwhile when the opening ceremony of the Olympics gets under way.

If you didn’t draw a ticket for the opening or don’t have the right friends then you can still see what’s going on if you go to the rec where the town council is installing a giant screen.

It is keen for the event to be a platform for local sports so if you would like to promote your club at the event contact Rosemary on 01353 720177.

Having been initiated in the dark arts of tiddlywinks at a recent Rotary meeting it’s just possible that president Geoff Fisher may wish to spread the word now that he’s lost interest in Euro 2012!


I SEE that Cambridgeshire is supplying 180 police officers for the Olympics.

The only question I have is, where will they find 180 police officers when they have an awful job finding one if your shed is broken into?


THERE is a debate going on at the moment about the proposed site of Ely’s new cinema.

Unless it will be showing permanent matinees the location is more or less irrelevant to those who rely on buses.

Even with the new timetables, there is still nothing leaving Ely after 5.45pm or at any time on a Sunday. And the cost of a taxi on top of a ticket and a bucket of popcorn would make for an expensive night out.

Given the service that Stagecoach deem we deserve it would appear that the best place for Ely’s new cinema as far as Soham patrons are concerned would be Newmarket.


THE Salvation Army is holding its summer jumble sale on Saturday from 10am-noon.

For a 20p entrance fee you can have your pick of odds, ends, clothing, books and videos as well as a lovely selection of home-made cakes.

On Monday evening the folk music enthusiasts will gather again at the Cherry Tree for an evening of acoustic music.

You will be more than welcome to just come, listen and enjoy if performing isn’t your thing. The first chord will be struck at 8.30.