GRIGGS OF SOHAM: 6ft tall stinging nettles along Thorn Street and the resident inviting visitors to ‘skip here’

THE Marmalade also return to town on Friday for a concert at the Brook - and tickets are still available.


WE were always told that it was the Romans who, among many other things, brought stinging nettles to this country.

Central heating, poetry and good roads are all very well, but why bother to import things that are just a nuisance, unless it was to pay us back for Boadicea?

Whatever the reason the nettles certainly seem to like it here and did pretty well in the monsoon drought. Too well, some might say, especially those who use parts of the extensive network of paths in and around town.

I had a wander down Thorn Street the other day (Thorn Street being the “public byway” from Julius Martin Lane to Cloverfield and Heron Court) and was impressed by the way the nettles at the side of the path are thriving.

Some are a good 6ft high and look as if they will soon encroach on the path itself.

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With Thorn Street being a popular short cut into town, it can’t be long before someone falls into the nettles and spends the rest of the day scratching.

Somebody has attacked the weeds around the path from Brook Street to Loftus Bridge to make it passable, and it would be a good idea if some public spirited individual could do the same elsewhere.

The problem here would seem to be that if you can be locked up for carrying a shut knife what hope is there for someone with a hook or a scythe?


JAKE the spaniel, back home after a week staring at sheep in the far north of the country, was interested to hear of East Cambs’ initiative to get people to take more exercise in last week’s Ely Standard.

He thinks that long walks and running aimlessly about in all directions should be actively encouraged.

He was impressed by the way one householder in Fordham Road had bought into the scheme by asking people to get active on his driveway.

At least, that’s what Jake assumed he meant when he read the sign saying “Skip Here Please”.


THERE would appear to be no language barrier for any of our Polish visitors should they wish to gain a driving licence.

The other day a driving school car turned gingerly into Clay Street covered in Polish writing.

Remembering the way the Polish fliers handled their Spitfires in the Battle of Britain their younger compatriots should have no trouble with a car.


BACK in the dim, distant days of the 60s there was a regular routine for the weekend.

On Saturday evening you went to Ramsey and danced to whoever was playing at the Gaiety, The Who among others were sometimes on the bill, and on Sunday you went to Hiam’s social club at Prickwillow for a decent local group.

Hiam’s, affectionately known as “the shed” organised an annual barbecue on one of the farms where it would also produce a top line act.

Regulars at the barbecue and sometimes even in the shed were the Marmalade. In fact we thought that they may be locals, not Glaswegians.

Next week there is a chance to relive some of the past when the Marmalade visit the Brook on Friday. No doubt they, like the rest of us, have slowed down a bit, but it will be nice to see if we can all still move about, even if only gently!

Tickets �20 from 01353 721748.


LET no-one say there’s nothing to do on Saturday. From 10am-midnight at least there is something happening.

From 10am-noon the annual church f�te will be in full swing in the churchyard. Plenty of stalls and no rain.

From 11am-1pm Soham Toy Library holds a ‘baby booty’ in the pavilion. A sort of tiny tots jumble, I believe, not junior pirates. To book a table call 07523 962484 or 01353 723338.

If you feel like relaxing after all that spending then a visit to the Strawberry Fair (no, not that one) at Menton, in Berrycroft, from 3pm might be in order.

There will be games, stalls, entertainments and tombola as well as strawberries and cream. Proceeds to the Methodist Church in whose hall it will be held if the weather breaks.

If you are still going in the evening then the St Andrew’s Swimming Pool Association summer ball takes place at the Brook. Tickets �30 from either primary school.

As far as I know there’s not much going on on Sunday!


NEXT Saturday (30th) our friends at the Salvation Army in Bushel Lane will be holding their summer jumble sale. The thing is, they could do with a bit more jumble.

If you find you have a bit more jumble, bric-a-brac or books than you really need then give Iris a call on 01638 577386 and she can arrange to have it collected.

They will provide their own cakes and they are excellent!