Green Party sets out vision to ‘rejuvenate’ city centre

Ely's High Street

Ely's High Street - Credit: Archant

The Green Party claims not enough is being done to support Ely’s High Street and has published a new report outlining how it would go about rescuing it.

Entitled Breathing new Life into Ely’s High Street, the report says the city centre is being “hollowed-out” by out-of-town developments and says the council should do more to back independent traders.

Andrew Allen, co-ordinator of East Cambridgeshire Green Party, said: “Ely’s High Street is at the heart of the community, but not enough is being done to support it.

“The council must stop undermining the city centre with out-of-town development and do more to make the high street an attractive and welcoming place with a diverse range of shops.

“Our research shows that doing this can bring huge benefits to both local people and the local economy.”

The report puts forward a series of suggestions that campaigners say would boost the city centre, including reversing spending cuts and increasing resources available to promote Ely city centre to tourists.

The report also suggested relocating the tourist information centre and post office to a shared city centre location, and making Ely a centre for art and crafts by better promoting its cultural events.

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Making Ely a ‘green city’ should also be a priority, the report claims, with better links between the station and the city centre and more done to improve Cherry Hill Park, Paradise Park and Ely’s riverside area.

Mr Allen added: “Research shows that in comparison with other similar towns, Ely has a relatively small number of shop units.

“Rather than focusing on building space for big retailers on the edge of the city, Ely should be pursuing a more balanced strategy that increases space in the centre of town.”

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