LETTER: Here’s why we looked at moving to Ely but when we found what was missing we decided against it

Plenty here for visitors as launch of the new Ely guide demonstrated. But how much for those that li

Plenty here for visitors as launch of the new Ely guide demonstrated. But how much for those that live here? That's what our correspondent is questioning. - Credit: Archant

For the last month my partner and I have spent time looking for a place to live and bring up a new family.

I commute into London so we decided to explore Ely, St Neots and Kings Lynn as a place to buy as Cambridge was way out of our range.

We could just about afford to buy in Ely and it was a clear winner for how nice it was. However we felt something was missing from Ely.

We will certainly be well fed in Ely. We will certainly have many opportunities for outdoor activities. And we can go and watch a movie.

This is all good but there did not seem to be much to do indoors on the rainy wintery days.

We could go for a swim in a very bland swimming pool and that’s about it.

The other areas we visited had indoor skate-parks, bounce trampoline parks and ten pin bowling. If only Ely had these facilities it would be the ultimate place to live. So we left Ely feeling excited about moving there but it could be so much more if only the powers at be were in touch with what a growing world of vibrant creative children need. They need more than food venues!

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And whatever happened to your bowling alley? I’m sure you had one once. So please let’s not let the Ely councillors think they can build a few restaurants with a swimming pool and think that’s it, job done. No.

Ely needs more if it really wants to be a modern city. And by the look of things a lot of people want to move here so it is time for the councillors to finally realise what modern families want and need.

So my first assignment then is to raise awareness with the trampoline, scootering and bowling organisations in the hope they may come and look at Ely as a great place to invest.

Or you could do that for us councillors of Ely?