Grateful Ely mother seeks support for Cambridge Rosie Hospital Neonatal Unit that saved her twins

Dominic and Toby were born three weeks premature.

Dominic and Toby were born three weeks premature. - Credit: Archant

An Ely mother is urging the public to support the care unit that saved the life of her twins.

Megan Carter’s twins were saved by The Rosie Hospital, Cambridge and she is now urging the public to help her support their Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

By donating clothes, knitwear and toys, the public can ensure other sick children have a better Christmas, Megan says.

Carter gave birth to twins unexpectedly on the December 19 2013, three months early.

The twins were rushed straight to the NICU after being stabilised and stayed there for three months. Megan could not hold them for more than a week.

“It is very hard to have your children in hospital as you have a vision of what your children’s first Christmas will be”, says Carter.

“It is certainly not one in a neonatal unit surrounded by nurses checking they are still alive.”

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However, she is quick to praise the stuff at the NICU for their efforts throughout this difficult time.

“They were amazing throughout our entire stay and the level of care they gave to our boys was truly outstanding,” she said.

“Last Christmas was the best and worst I have experienced. I was terrified that this Christmas we would not have one or both of our boys alive.”

Christmas can be planned as normal this year though, with Megan open to acknowledge her fortune at this.

“We are so lucky to have come through a series of medical issues, including admittance, ambulance trips and operations at Addenbrookes and Great Ormond Street.”

Megan added that the personal touch from nurses in NICU helped her get through the dark days of last year.

“They gave a stocking to all the patients and it really helped me to get through the day,” she says. “We were so unprepared for the boys as we had no chance to buy them anything.”

She is now asking the public to support the unit that saved her twins.

“Please contribute to stockings with new clothes or toys for visiting babies,” Carter says. “People can ‘Knit for NICU’ by making blankets, clothes or hats for babies.”

For details on how to help Megan, contact her via or neo-natal nurse Alison Bunting via