Go ahead given to modernise Soham’s pavilion

The Walter Gidney Pavilion at Soham

The Walter Gidney Pavilion at Soham - Credit: Archant

Soham Town Council has finally decided to spend several hundred thousand pounds on re-vamping the town’s Pavilion.

A large list of work that needs doing will be drawn up so that work at the Walter Gidney Pavillion can be put out to tender.

For more than six years councillors have agreed the venue needs refurbishing to bring it up to date but since then no work has started and the council has been unable to agree what should be done.

Now, however, councillors have agreed that the building be given an overhaul with modernised facilities.

The final cost of works is yet to be revealed.

From the outset all councillors agreed Soham needed a community meeting place, and whatever happened, the pavilion needed updating.

However, councillor Geoffrey Woollard said: “I repeated that I was not willing to support spending of more than £250,000 on a building of no architectural merit and, in its present neglected state, no merit at all. I was out-voted - by those who know better.”

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The Pavilion is due to be refurbished so booking is limited at this stage.