Shop Local: Independent shoe shop sold stock on eBay while doors were closed during Covid-19 pandemic

For independent shoe shop Gibbs of Ely, the last few months have been a time of adapting to the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The family-run company, who accessed government support “to keep everyone in their jobs”, decided to sell stock on eBay to make room for that was coming in for the autumn and winter while

Louise Smith, manageress, said: “It was challenging but we were fortunate to still have the back to school trade which has kept us going and will see us through the winter”.

She added that trade is “slowly picking up now that everyone can shop again” and that, “slowly but surely, I think now everyone has got used to how to shop lately people’s confidence is building”.

“It’s looking good,” she said, adding that “people’s attitudes have definitely changed.

“People are starting to realise that, if you don’t use your independents, you will lose them.”