Get those nominations in NOW for our first Ely Heroes Award - there are 10 categories to choose from

The area's newest community event - Ely Local Hero Awards - have been launched this week and being r

The area's newest community event - Ely Local Hero Awards - have been launched this week and being run in conjunction with Metrorod (Cambridge) and the Ely Standard. - Credit: Archant

There is nothing quite like a bit of recognition for a job well done, or for doing something for others in the spirit of the community.

Ely Local Awards were launched on Tuesday at The Poets' House in Ely. Organiser Naomi Sherwood of Me

Ely Local Awards were launched on Tuesday at The Poets' House in Ely. Organiser Naomi Sherwood of MetroRod (Cambridge) is pictured with Mayor Councillor Ian Lindsay at the launch of the Ely area's newest, and most exciting new community event. - Credit: Archant

And that is what the aim of the newly launched Ely Hero Awards are all about - recognising those in our community who go that extra mile or who have achieved success, overcome adversity or done something special.

The awards run by MetroRod (Cambridge) in conjunction with the Ely Standard aim to shine a light on the area’s unsung heroes.

So if you know someone you think deserves some recognition then now’s the time to act and get nominating.

You can nominate your hero online at the website designed by awards sponsor Infiniti Graphics at:

Ely Hero Awards - sponsors' logos.

Ely Hero Awards - sponsors' logos. - Credit: Archant

There are 10 categories to choose from and below is the list and a little of the criteria the judging panel will use to shortlist three entries from each category before picking a winner. All finalists will be invited to attend the presentation ceremony at The Maltings on June 19 when the overall Ely Hero Award will also be announced.

Smiliest Server sponsored by the Ely Standard

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This person must be incredibly friendly, smile no matter what the weather or how they feel. This server must have an unshakeable work ethic. They may make you laugh, they may know you and your pet’s name, but most importantly they go above and beyond giving the best customer service with a smile on their face and a great attitude in their heart. They may have carried your shopping right across town or they may saved your bacon when you forgot your purse!

Best Parent sponsored by Red Shoes Accounting

Is your mum or dad simply awesome? They give you the best advice, they support you and would do anything for you. Have they done something for you that is incredibly special or just completely cool? Maybe they drive you to football or dance class every Saturday but face a tremendous challenge to do so? Does you parent live or work abroad, how do they make the distance not matter?

Caring Champion sponsored by the CHS Group

In this category, we want to celebrate someone who has made a real impact on the quality of life of an individual. They may work in a local care home or provide some type of home based care service. What do they do for you and your family that makes you feel really cared for? How do they respect your time and choices?

Most Amazing Professional sponsored by Grovemere

This award is to recognise a professional in the community who really makes a difference and goes above and beyond. This could be your doctor, dentist, nurse, mechanic, chemist, builder, solicitor, accountant, chiropractor, osteopath, beauty therapist to name but a few. They are amazing because of what they have done for you, how they have made you feel and how they made a difference in your life, maybe they have even saved your life!

Neighbour of the Year sponsored by Elyi Magazine

This award recognises an individual who has gone the extra mile to be a good neighbour, the award is for that person who gives their time to someone who needs company, support and acts selflessly toward making a neighbour’s life more pleasant. We often take what constitutes a good neighbour for granted, small but regular acts of kindness make such a difference in our community. Maybe your neighbour brings you a regular hot meal, maybe they have taken you to your hospital appointments, or maybe have done gardening chores.

Community Champion sponsored by Ward Gethin Archer

An individual who may have supported an individual and/or a family, or who has made a significant contribution to the community. The award not only recognises, encourages and rewards people who make a difference within their community but inspires others to do the same. The award will be made to an individual whose time, effort, support and aspirations have made a significant contribution within their community for the benefit of those who live there.

Best Teacher Award sponsored Thorlabs

This teacher should be truly inspirational, they can be from a pre-school, primary, high school, college or be a personal tutor. This teacher or assistant should have made a significant difference to the learning experience in the class or for a specific pupil. Maybe this teacher has brought up your grades from a D to A? Maybe this teacher has taught your child to overcome a specific challenge? This teacher could have a challenge that they have had to overcome to continue to be that inspiration? They must be motivational and make you feel valued.

Child of Achievement sponsored by Puggles and Seahorse Swim Schools

We are looking for a child who has demonstrated exceptional achievement in their life. They may have overcome great odds or made sacrifices above and beyond the call of duty. The nominee may have excelled academically, achieved great sporting success, raised money for a good cause, or been a great support to someone with an illness or battling through a traumatic experience.

Sporting Hero sponsored by Life Fitness

This person has been dedicated to sport or physical activity over many years, age is irrelevant. Their dedication to their chosen activity shines through. This may be an individual who eats, breathes, sleeps sport or it could be a sporting coach or mentor that has for many years supported our local sporting talent from training to washing kits. This hero could have overcome a long term illness or severe injury to continue with their passion of sport and used this in a positive way.

The Ely Hero Award sponsored by MetroRod

This award is the highlight and will be awarded to an individual who the judging panel considers to be Ely’s Local Hero. Judges will select the winner either from entries received from other categories or from nominations specifically for this category. The award will go to someone who judges believe stand out above all other nominations.