LETTER: ‘Yes a few thousands will die, but coronavirus pandemic will come to an end’ says reader

Climate change is an even greater threat than coronavirus, says reader George Ginn

Climate change is an even greater threat than coronavirus, says reader George Ginn - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

One thing has taken up all the news at this time - the unseen enemy, coronavirus!

It has made the whole world sit up and take notice, each country is doing what it can to stop it spreading.

It began in China, and in next to no time it was reaching out to countries around the world, person to person at an alarming rate.

It is a powerful force and nothing can be done to stop it like you can a human enemy.

I cannot be seen only in the people infected by it and it is taking its toll mostly on aging people who have other problems.

Because of coronavirus, the world seems to have stopped in its tracks and every country has convened meetings specially to deal with it calling in medical experts to advise them.

Countries are taking extreme and costly measures to stamp it out and most people would agree that this should be done, because it threatens us all.

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Two ministers I have heard speaking about this, have used the phrase, “we are facing the greatest experience in our generation”.

Is it because it’s an unseen killer now that all countries are taking drastic and immediate action to deal with it?

What about the threat that is taking place now at an alarming rate that climate scientists have warned us about for more than 30 years?

This is not the unseen enemy: it is clearly visible in the rapidly melting ice sheets, the regular floods here and around the world, wild fires in many countries now resulting in loss of lives and livelihoods.

This is not freak weather patterns, they have been caused by global warming, which in turn has been caused by increased greenhouse gases from human activity using fossil fuels to produce more and more goods, and vast emissions from meat production.

We can see this enemy but the world has not stopped in its tracks, no cobra meeting has been held, the experts have not been called in to advise them, it’s just like business as usual.

This is even a greater threat than coronavirus, because as serious as it is now, it will pass and a vaccine will be developed and those who have survived the infection will have an improved immune system.

Yes a few thousands will die, but it will come to an end.

But if we don’t take radical and drastic action on climate change soon, it will be too late to reverse it.

And if that happens the whole of life will become extinct.

The experts are saying we must not exceed 1.5C above pre industrial levels to reach the tipping point.

At the moment we are at 1.1C.

The only action taken so far is setting a target of net zero carbon by 2050 and not holding a cobra meeting to tell us how we will do it.