Geoffrey Woollard gets behind ‘Britain Stronger in Europe’ campaign ahead of EU referendum

Britain Stronger In Europe campaigners, (l-r) Andy Cogan, Co-Ordinator for East Cambs Green, Volunte

Britain Stronger In Europe campaigners, (l-r) Andy Cogan, Co-Ordinator for East Cambs Green, Volunteer Virginie Ganivet, and Councillor Geoffrey Woollard, - Credit: Archant

The European Union referendum is a debate that has divided opinion across the country, but a group in East Cambridgeshire have made their voices clear by launching a campaign to try and convince voters to stay in the EU.

Soham Town Councillor Geoffrey Woollard hit the streets of Ely today (April 7) to try and convince residents that a ‘Brexit’ will be damaging for the country as part of the ‘Britain Stronger in Europe’ campaign.

Accompanied by co-ordinator of the East Cambs Green Party, Andy Cogan, and member of the Cambridge Group, Virginie Ganivet, Mr Woollard is spreading his message that staying in the EU will help to protect the country’s future generations.

The 78-year-old said: “I have three great grandsons, and I do not want them to be involved in any more wars in Europe.

“There have been too many wars between European nations, and we need to stay in the EU for the sake of our future generations.”

The group handed out leaflets and stickers to passers-by to try and get them to vote in favour of David Cameron’s plan on June 23.

The leafleting is the brainchild of former teacher Virginie Ganivet, who claims that staying in the EU is vital for people like herself who may wish to leave their homelands and make a living in the UK.

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She said: “For me, staying in the EU works. I’m from France and have lived in the UK for years, and I think that staying in the EU is important so that younger generations have the opportunity to move around Europe in search for a better life.”

Ms Ganivet’s view was echoed by Andy Cogan, who believes that staying in the EU is vital in conserving the state of the planet.

He said: “We want to help protect the planet, and the EU has much more policies in place to help that.

“We want to make sure that the UK is a safe and healthy place to live not only for future generations, but for current generations.”