General Election 2019: Could Lib Dem resurgence in SE Cambs pose a threat to Lucy Frazer? Or can Labour break through?

Candidates for the 2019 general election for SE Cambs. Left to right: Lucy Frazer (Con), Edmund Ford

Candidates for the 2019 general election for SE Cambs. Left to right: Lucy Frazer (Con), Edmund Fordham (Ind), James Bull (Lab) and Pippa Heylings (Lib Dem). The election takes place on December 12. Picture: Archant - Credit: Archant

The resurgence by Liberal Democrats in SE Cambridgeshire – having achieved success in May’s local and European elections – could pose the biggest threat to the Tories since 2010.

Pippa Heylings, a South Cambridgeshire councillor, feels she's the one to do it.

"Every vote counts in this once in a generation opportunity to win this seat," she said ahead of catching commuters at Ely, Cambridge North and Waterbeach to urge them to sign up for postal votes.

For Labour's James Bull his campaign is taking shape around community, citing the single mum "who has to take four buses just to get to work and the widow who can't sleep for worrying about how she'll pay her care home fees"

Labour came second in 2017 but with Brexit uncertainty (SE Cambs voted 51/49 to leave) the inference is that it is for Lucy Frazer to lose.

She's defending a majority of 16,158 but. Brexit has not made her life easy.

"People have strong feelings about Brexit," she said last month. "I have had death threats, not recently, but I have had them."

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On the campaign trail she's turned her focus away from Brexit and in Chippenham heard residents' concern over the Sunnica solar farm, and in Ely and Swaffham Bulbeck she reports that the NHS, police and education were on everyone's mind.

Cllr Heylings, meanwhile, believes Brexit is the dominating issue and says the Greens decision to stand aside "makes me even more passionate and committed",

She said: "Let's work together to Remain, act urgently on climate change and restore our public services"

Mr Bull promotes "Labour's commitment to a peoples' vote" and says it is only way "that we can heal the wounds caused by the Tories' desire for a hard Brexit that will only benefit the super rich".

The fourth candidate is Edmund Fordham, who had been selected to stand in Bury St Edmunds for the Brexit Party.

But he's now standing as an independent here and says it was talking at his Isleham home to Ms Frazer that persuaded him. The two met, he says, for over two hours "and I came under considerable pressure not to stand".

He added: "With me it had the opposite effect."

Polling day is December 12.