Gallery & Video: The Winners Of The Ely Standard Sports Awards 2008

Youth Achievement (girls) Sponsored by Cambridgeshire County Council Nominees: Lauren Rouse; Katie Falconer; Emma Lowe. The judges said what stood out in this category was the girls commitment and love of the game and a real willingness to play for the

Youth Achievement (girls)

Sponsored by Cambridgeshire County Council

Nominees: Lauren Rouse; Katie Falconer; Emma Lowe.

The judges said what stood out in this category was the girls' commitment and love of the game and a real willingness to play for the love of sport. All have been successful at school, club and county level and are winners in their own right.

Winner: Lauren Rouse.

Lauren impressed the judges with her commitment to her sport; she has achieved at the highest level at every age group. She started her footballing career, aged eight, and is currently playing for Cambridge Utd U-14s team against Premiership opposition, as well as representing her school, Soham Village College, at football, hockey, athletics and cricket.

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Lauren never misses a game or tournament and shows amazing commitment to sport. The judges said she has a bright future and will surely have her sights set on even higher honours in the future.

Youth Achievement (boys)

Sponsored by Cambridgeshire County Council

Nominees: Ryan Norton; Tyler Philips; Tyler Goodjohn

The judges said that what stood out in this category was that all three had represented their clubs or been involved at national level. They all showed a complete dedication and commitment to their particular sport and were testimony to the sporting talent that exists in East Cambridgeshire.

Winner: Tyler Goodjohn

Six years ago Tyler Goodjohn was an overweight schoolboy who took up boxing to lose weight and improve his fitness. In May of this year, Tyler, who is aged 17, was crowned the Royal Navy ABA National Champion at 70kg after beating the England Junior Champion in the semi-finals. The judges were impressed with Tyler's incredible success story, from overweight schoolboy to national champion in just six years, and said he was a perfect role model for young people; demonstrating the importance of sport and how it can transform lives.

Tyler has his sights set firmly on the 2012 Olympics and is prepared to make whatever sacrifices are necessary to achieve his dream.

Service To Sport

Sponsored by Donarbon

Nominees: Victor Bridges; Andy King; Trevor Hopkinson.

The judges said all the entries were of a high standard and they covered a broad range of sport. They were particularly impressed with the entries which showed dedication to supporting and developing young people in sport.

Winner: Victor Bridges.

The judges said the most impressive thing about Victor was the length of time that he has been coaching and encouraging young rowers and scullers. Victor has trained generations of rowers and gives his time unpaid and in all weathers. As assistant junior coach for the Ely City Rowing Club he has helped youngsters reach international level and some have also represented their country.

Highly Commended: Trevor Hopkinson.

The judges were so impressed with Trevor's entry that they wanted to mark him out for a special mention. Trevor is the honorary president of Ely Hockey Club and has been involved with the club for a number of years. He recently approached East Cambs Sport to ask if he could offer hockey coaching to people with disabilities. Zone, a hockey club for people with disabilities, was set up in May of this year.

Veteran Achievement

Sponsored by Petrou Brothers

Nominees: Brian Leonard; Ian Benjamin; Norman South

The judges said this was a difficult category to judge as all the nominees were dedicated to their sport and had shown huge commitment and dedication over a long period of time.

Winner: Brian Leonard.

The judges felt Brian was a worthy winner and ticked all the boxes in this category; they said it was difficult to see a time when Brian would ever put the bat down. He has played cricket for Ely City Cricket Club for more than 50 years, and although he is now in his seventies, still turns out to play occasionally. He is president and groundsman for the club, all of which made him a worthy winner in this category.

Unsung Hero

Nominees: Norman South; Mick Sawyer; Caroline Falconer

The judges said this was a very strong category and all the nominees deserved recognition for the fact that they were dedicated to sport and gave of their time selflessly.

Winner: Norman South

The judges remarked that Norman had given a huge chunk of his lifetime for the good of others while dealing with personal challenges in his own life. He started playing cricket for Littleport Town in 1947 and has given 60 years to the club as player, secretary, treasurer, groundsman, chairman and now life-long member. On the nomination form, Norman was described as being "ingrained in the willow" and the judges said that phrase best summed up Norman and his total dedication to cricket.

School of the Year

Sponsored by N & C Glass

Nominees: Rackham Primary School; Robert Arkenstall Primary School; King's Junior School.

The judges were faced with some difficult choices in this category because all three schools were dedicated in their efforts to provide and encourage sports provision for primary school children.

Winner: Rackham Primary School.

The school provides a wide range of sporting opportunities and headteacher Sid Wales has been involved in numerous sports development projects.

The judges said this was a small village school which had given so much to the local community. The out-of-school activities, including the very successful chess club, were testimony to the dedication and enthusiasm of the head. The school has won a staggering 35 competitions in the last two years in a wide range of sports. A school with a proven track record that is dedicated to setting youngsters on the right track and providing the motivation for them to take up and excel at sport.

The Liam Fairhurst Award for Sporting Endeavour

Sponsored by the Ely Standard

Nominees: Tyler Goodjohn; Sam Bowers-Broadly; Marcus Gander

The judges said they were overwhelmed by the strength of entries in this category. It was truly humbling to read the stories behind the nominations and very difficult to pick a winner after reading about the personal sacrifices that people had made in order to, not only to take part and achieve in sport, but also to enable others to do so.

Winner: Marcus Gander.

The judges said Marcus was an inspirational character who had overcome personal difficulties just to take part in sport. Marcus felt he didn't fit in anywhere when he joined the GOBB Boxing Club in January this year and it changed his life. He has trained hard and has a new circle of friends.

The judges felt that this was a fantastic achievement to go from someone who had low self esteem and low physical fitness to achieving his Duke of Edinburgh Physical Recreation Award recently. A fitting end to his boxing year. A well deserved winner said the judges.

Adult Award (men)

Sponsored by the Atrium Club

Nominees: Alan Fretwell; Adam Gayfer; Jared Fortin.

A good standard of entries said the judges and what stood out most in this category was the sheer effort and determination that these nominees put into their sport week-in and week-out. Exhausting training regimes and dedication was key here.

Winner: Jared Fortin.

The judges were impressed with Jared's absolute dedication to his sport. He is a self-taught power-lifter, which makes his achievements even more outstanding. He started training at the age of 15 and in the last four years has broken all five UK powerlifting records for his age, weight and class. His dedication to the sport means he follows a strict diet, doesn't smoke or drink and refuses to take any over-the-counter medicines so that he remains completely drug free. If powerlifting is accepted as an Olympic sport, Jared is well placed to be competing for his country at the next Olympics.

Adult Achievement (women)

Sponsored by the Atrium Club

Nominees: Stephanie Waddelow; Goldie Sayers; Ellen Faulkner.

The judges said this category provided them with an almost impossible task as all the nominees had performed at such a high level in their particular sport.

Top class athletes and sports women who get out there and compete on the national and international stage and succeed.

Winner: Stephanie Waddelow.

The judges said one of the most impressive things about Stephanie was her sheer determination to succeed in what is a very male dominated sport.

Stephanie raced mini-motos for four years and moved on to bigger bikes two seasons ago. This year, SS Racing gave her an Aprilia 125 to compete in the MRO Superteen Championship. While testing the bike, she had an accident and broke her wrist, but her sheer determination to get back in the seat meant she was racing again in three weeks. She has won 17 of her last 38 meetings, standing on the podium a total of 24 times and still managed to achieve good results in her GCSEs this summer.

Club of The Year

Sponsored by Price Bailey

Nominees: Witchford Netball Club; Littleport Town Cricket Club; Vikings Korfball Club.

The judges said that all three clubs had demonstrated a huge commitment to the promotion of their particular sport and had provided a strong platform for encouraging new members and supporting existing members; they all met the criteria perfectly.

Winner: Vikings Korfball Club

The judges said that the Vikings stood out as a great example of what can be achieved within a club in a short space of time with the right level of enthusiasm and commitment. The korfball club, set up two years ago, now has more than 100 members aged between six and 60. Three players have been selected to play for England in that time and currently the club has four teams in the Cambridgeshire league. There is an after-school club, and free coaching is offered to local schools. A great example of what can be achieved when people work together for sport.

Disability Award

The Shoe Tree

Nominees: Arthur Cutter; Ellen Mitchell; Steven Dowle

The judges said all three nominees had fought hard to overcome their physical difficulties in order to compete and take part in sport.

All three were inspirational characters and provided a fine example of what athletes with disabilities and special needs can achieve with the right level of determination and commitment. The judges said they had all shown amazing inner strength and were all worthy of this title, which made it incredibly difficult to choose the eventual winner.

Winner: Arthur Cutter.

The judges described Arthur as an inspirational character who had been competing as a wheelchair athlete in marathons and half marathons for many years and was dedicated to his sport. Arthur is well-known in the East Cambridgeshire area as he has raised hundreds of pounds for local charities and has regularly competed in the Grunty Fen Half Marathon. He holds the Guinness World Record for the greatest distance travelled in one hour using a hand-cranked bike and in 2004 he realised a personal ambition to complete the New York Marathon. Arthur is currently campaigning to compete in the London Marathon using a hand-powered trike, which at the moment the rules do not allow.

Sports Personality of the Year

Sponsored by East Cambs Sport

Nominees: Tyler Goodjohn; Norman South; Lauren Rouse; Jared Fortin; Stephanie Waddelow; Victor Bridges; Marcus Gander; Brian Leonard; William Seymore; Sarah Seymore; Arthur Cutter.

The judges said they were impressed with the high level of sporting talent in East Cambridgeshire and faced a difficult task to pick a winner from this worthy and impressive list of nominees.

Several of the nominees have performed at national level and others had overcome personal difficulties just to compete in sport, which made it very difficult to decide on an eventual winner.

Winner: Tyler Goodjohn.

The judges said, for them, Tyler was outstanding; he was someone who was clearly dedicating a large part of his life to boxing and has an excellent record, competing at national level, and with much success. His dedication to training means he is surely a hopeful for the next Olympics and his story from overweight schoolboy to national champion in six years, the judges said, was inspirational. They felt Tyler was an excellent role model for anyone who wanted to take up sport and he represented what awards like these are all about. A worthy winner.