Gallery: Ely College students views on the upcoming General Election

Danielle Yates, 17 DANIELLE thought that overall, not enough was done by politicians to really engage young people in the political process, I think it is very important for young people to vote because I don t think we are given much say as to what happ

Danielle Yates, 17

DANIELLE thought that overall, not enough was done by politicians to really engage young people in the political process,

"I think it is very important for young people to vote because I don't think we are given much say as to what happens politically, she said.

"I think politicians need to go on more shows like GMTV where they can engage more young people and we can understand their views."

Danielle is hoping she can go to university when she graduates from college and admits that a party that a big issue for her will be access to student loans and funding.

"The system needs to be made easier for people who want to go on to higher education to apply for the loans they need.

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"A lot of what has happened over the last year or two with the expenses will put young people off voting I think, especially as there has been no real explanation from them about what has happened."

Nick Rolls, 16

THOUGH Nick will not be eligible to vote at the upcoming election, he was certain of the issues that would have affected his vote,

"We definitely need wheelie bins in Soham, he said. "some new sports facilities are also very much needed because there really isn't that much to do for young people."

Tom Dransfield, 17

TOM felt that an overwhelming amount of bad news coming out about MPs in the media was stopping young people from voting,

"All the politicians talk about the young vote but they don't seem to be doing a lot for us, he said.

"They should be talking to young people about what they do and I think appearing on TV could be one of the ways of doing that."

More facilities for young people was also a key issue for Tom but he wasn't sure any of the main parties were equipped to help solve the problem,

"I would consider Labour if Gordon Brown wasn't the leader, he seems like a waste of space. I'm also unsure about the Conservatives."

Daniel O'Kane, 18

EMPLOYMENT will be a key issue for Daniel at the upcoming election as he looks towards the working world,

"I will be looking to get a job when I finish at college so employment will be important for me when I vote, he said.

"I have spoken to my parents about voting at the election but I wouldn't say that they have influenced my decision."

As well as more jobs in the area, Daniel also felt that better facilities for young people would be important to him,

"I want more things to do but not necessarily youth clubs, I also think there should be more locally so that we don't have to travel into Cambridge."

Erin Halls, 16

A NEW approach to the benefit system and more jobs were the issues that would most likely have influenced Erin's vote this time around,

"The Government are too ready to give out benefits, she said. "Some people are living on benefits long term when they could be working and I think they need to look at a way to improve the system."

Erin also thought that too much of a focus on tourism in Ely was making it hard for young people to find enough to do,

"I think more should be done to help encourage better businesses into Ely so that we don't have to go to travel to Cambridge. I also agree that there isn't enough for young people here."

Liam Lindsay, 16

LIAM was sceptical about the political process in the wake of the expenses scandal and agreed with classmate Erin that changes to the benefit system were needed,

"I think the Government should make it harder for people to get benefits, he said. "I understand some cases where people are disabled or are genuinely unable to work but I think it is wrong when you see a whole family on benefits for no real reason."

Many politicians are trying to reach out to young people via Youtube and Facebook but Liam thought it wouldn't work in trying to attract the young vote,

"If any of the parties started a group on Facebook or posted a video I don't think I would watch it. A lot of what they say is rubbish anyway.

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