Former Council Leader Loses His Seat

“While it is sad to say goodbye to members who have lost their seats I am sure we have gained a number of new and enthusiastic councillors who will work hard for their communities in the future.”

FORMER district council leader Fred Brown has lost his seat in what was an otherwise successful election night for the Conservatives in East Cambridgeshire. The Conservatives have been returned as East Cambridgeshire District Council’s ruling party with a majority of 11.

Following the count, East Cambs District Council is now made up of 25 Conservative, 10 Liberal Democrat and four Independent councillors.

The count began at 10pm, just as the first ballot boxes arrived and then went through the night with last result declared after a close recount at Soham South at 7.05am.

Before the election the council was made up of 24 Conservative, 13 Liberal Democrat and two independent councillors.

John Hill, chief executive at East Cambridgeshire District Council and returning officer on the night, said: “As ever in East Cambridgeshire, it has been an exciting election night with thousands of people going to their polling station and choosing the members of the district council. While it is sad to say goodbye to members who have lost their seats I am sure we have gained a number of new and enthusiastic councillors who will work hard for their communities in the future.”

Here are the results, ward by ward.

Most Read

Bottisham (two seats)

Sharon Barnard, Con 607

Kevin Ellis, Con 626

Steven O’Dell, Lab 279

Steven Aronson, Lib Dem 588

Robert Stevens, Lib Dem 644

Burwell (three seats)

David Brown, Con 1,148

Lavinia Edwards, Con 991

Jackie Moakes, Con 575

Mike Swift, Lab 376

Elizabeth Mitchell, Lib Dem 422

Hazel Williams, Lib Dem 941

Brenda Wilson, Lib Dem 584

Cheveley (two seats)

Tom Kerby, Con 856

Sue Williams, Con 740

Kerry Murphy, Lab 202

Rick Humphries, Lib Dem 347

Jennifer Liddle, Lib Dem 256

Downham Villages (two seats)

Anna Bailey, Con 811

Tony Goodge, Con 689

Owen Winters, Ind 409

Charles Pavey, Lab 291

Joanna Burnett, Lib Dem 192

Gaynor Griffiths, Lib Dem 181

Dullingham Villages

Chris Morris, Con 282

Tim Owen, Ind 251

Robin Hay, Lab 142

Jenny Bailey, Lib Dem 94

Ely East (two seats)

Will Burton, Con 598

Richard Hobbs, Con 613

Ruth Barber, Lab 306

Jane Frances, Lab 258

Nigel Bell, Lib Dem 541

Dian Warman, Lib Dem 522

Ely North (three seats)

Matt Bradney, Con 658

Elaine Griffin-Singh, Con 795

Mike Rouse, Con 798

Clemeny Butler, Lab 550

Joe Creswick, Lab 545

Clive Jeffries, Lab 514

Remy Hargreaves, Lib Dem 740

Lindsey Harris, Lib Dem 796

Rupert Moss-Eccardt, Lib Dem 643

Ely South (two seats)

Tom Hunt, Con 633

Bill Pickess, Con 546

Andrew Allen, Green 178

Brenda Biamonti, Lab 210

Matthew Killeya, Lab 192

Jeremy Friend-Smith, Lib Dem 567

David Owen, Lib Dem 487

Ely West (two seats)

Mark Haynes, Con 614

Roy Wood, Con 498

Paul England, Lab 232

Sarah Fraser, Lab 256

Sue Austen, Lib Dem 873

Sheila Friend-Smith, Lib Dem 949

Fordham Villages (two seats)

Michael Allan, Con 664

Joshua Schumann, Con 535

David Griffiths, Lib Dem 327

Charles Richmond, Lib Dem 439

Haddenham (three seats)

Kathleen Bradney, Con 718

Neil Hitchin, Con 685

Barry Woodbine, Con 759

Chris Horne, Lab 369

Ian Allen, Lib Dem 887

Gareth Wilson, Lib Dem 930

Pauline Wilson, Lib Dem 864


Derrick Beckett, Ind 601

Paul Bloomfield, Lab 125

Littleport East (two seats)

David Ambrose-Smith, Con 577

Fred Brown, Con 559

Andrew Wright, Ind 651

Ruth Palmer, Lib Dem 393

Littleport West (two seats)

Christine Ambrose-Smith, Con 305

Vince Campbell, Con 221

Paul Cox, Ind 152

Susie Fentiman, Lib Dem 225

Neil Morrison, Lib Dem 317

Soham North (two seats)

Tony Cornell, Con 613

James Palmer, Con 719

Shannon Revel, Lab 182

Jason Masters, Lib Dem 252

Charles Warner, Lib Dem 247

Soham South (three seats)

Mary Allan, Con 547

John Humphreys, Con 578

Anthony Parramint, Con 745

Colin Fordham, Ind 598

John Palmer, Ind 590

Liz Swift, Lab 335

Nicola Masters, Lib Dem 397

Lesley Phillips, Lib Dem 300

Stretham (two seats)

Bill Hunt, Con 917

Charles Roberts, Con 781

Richard Glasspool, Lab 210

Johanna Crighton, Lib Dem 274

Alan Mittins, Lib Dem 211

Sutton (two seats)

Peter Moakes, Con 554

Philip Read, Con 593

Dil Owen, Lab 379

Anthea Maybury, Lib Dem 165

Lorna Spenceley, Lib Dem 305

The Swaffhams

Allen Alderson, Con 460

Charlotte Cane, Lib Dem 352