‘Things need to be said’: Fordham cattery owner speaks out after ANOTHER cat hit by car in Cambridgeshire village

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Soham resident catches on camera the moment hedges behind their garden went up in flames. The footage - which has been viewed 3,300 times - is now being shared by the Cambs Fire & Rescue Service as a warning to potential arsonists. Picture: CAMBS FIRE & RESCUE SERVICE. - Credit: Archant

A Cambridgeshire cattery owner is calling for action after another cat was killed on Fordham roads.

Keren Goff of Fordham Boarding Cattery says the final straw came after “picking up dozens of cats from the road” over the last 12 years.

Ms Goff took to social media after another cat was killed in the village on Monday, April 29.

She said: “I normally just post the details, send condolences and let the matter rest, but this time I’m afraid things need to be said.

“I’m not prepared to let last night’s events pass without getting the message out there to the best of my ability.”

Fordham Boarding Cattery is owned and managed by Keren and Trevor Goff who bought the business in 2008.

Ms Goff added: “I am well aware that the driver may not be a Fordham resident but there is a good chance they are and so my open letter to the driver is this.

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“I understand that accidents can happen, cats are fast and unpredictable and it was dark so I in no way expect you to have avoided the collision if it was not possible.

“I do however ask you to perhaps search your soul for how you justify your cowardly actions following hitting the cat whom you left to die at the roadside.

“Did you not stop to think that perhaps that cat was the only companion to an elderly widower who has recently lost her husband and for now, it is the only comfort she has?

“Did you not stop to think that perhaps that cat was the only reason stopping a 30 something post suicidal man from taking his own life?

“Did you not stop to think that perhaps that cat belonged to a child locked so deep in an autistic world who’s only communication was through his friend?

“No, you did not - because you did not think - you did not stop - and that makes you a poor excuse of a human being for not valuing that life or the lives behind it.

“For not caring, for having no compassion, for your cruelty...but the sad thing is, even in the unlikely event you do read this, I doubt very much you’d have the backbone to own up to what you have done - to take responsibility for your actions.

“I hope to God you are not a parent because if you are, I pity the child raised without being taught the value of life - whatever that life may be and I pity you for a shallow existence without respect for others, especially in your community.

“I have spent over half my life rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming cats and I have rehomed cats for exactly those reasons listed above, more than once - rescue is about much more than just the singular animal, rescue saves lives over and above that of the singular animal.

“That cat was one of my rescues - your actions in not thinking - not stopping - go way beyond just leaving the cat to die alone at the roadside.

“If you cast a stone in the water, there are always ripples - the ripples you caused with your actions last night will be felt half way round the world and that will always be your cross to bear.

“I truly hope for your sake, the consequences for this fatal cat RTA are not greater than they already are...cats, dogs, horses - our pets are family - they are someone, not something...always think, always stop...there’s always a chance you could’ve saved him, however unlikely, a chance is all it takes...remember that.”