Footage showing near miss between van driver and woman walking two horses on Fenland road near Ely sparks concern

The woman holds her horses back

The woman holds her horses back - Credit: Archant

Footage of a near miss incident involving a van and a woman walking her two horses on Red Fen Road in Little Thetford has sparked concern from police, councillors and residents.

In the video, which has been watched more than 400 times, an unknown driver passes a local resident who is walking two horses on Red Fen Road in Little Thetford, at speed, causing her to recoil from the edge of the road.

“As a matter of timing it is not difficult to see how the situation could have been much worse for everyone involved,” said a police spokesman.

The incident happened yesterday afternoon (Tuesday 24) at approximately 4.30pm.

The near miss caught on video.

The near miss caught on video. - Credit: Archant

“The location has been the subject of community concern and we are working with local residents and the parish and district council to address the matter.

“Red Fen Road is a single track piece of public highway with passing places for multiple vehicles. It is also used by dog walkers, horse riders and agricultural traffic.

“Despite the circumstances it is currently subject to a 60mph speed limit - which to most reasonable and safety conscious drivers would appear to be inappropriate even in the best of weather.”

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Sergeant Phil Priestley said: “Red Fen Road is a subject of local importance, and I will be meeting with the representatives of the parish and district council next Monday so that we can collectively make progress on a number of key proposals that will make this area safer for everyone - drivers, pedestrians and residents alike.

“I know that we all share the same goal.

“Meanwhile, I would ask local motorists to please pay extra attention and take an additional amount of care while driving in the area.”

One person said on social media “the lady and her horses should have been wearing something reflective, especially at 4.30pm in the afternoon on an unlit road. As it is, they blend into the hedges.”