Filmmaker captures 'magical' scene over frozen field

Stunning footage of frozen Welney field

Adam Giles captured drone footage of his daughter Alesya skating at sunrise over a frozen wheat field that flooded in Welney. - Credit: YouTube/Adam Giles

As temperatures plummeted across the Fens over the weekend, most people would perhaps stay indoors and out the cold. 

But for one Welney filmmaker and his daughter, they wanted to make the most out of the freezing conditions. 

So, Adam Giles along with daughter Alesya, 12, decided to head out to a nearby flooded wheat field at around 7.30am on February 13 and reignite a family tradition. 

Welney girl skates across frozen field

Adam Giles' daughter, Alesya, 12, visited a frozen wheat field in Welney and decided to perform some ice-skating. - Credit: Adam Giles

“We are a family of Fen skaters and so we took the opportunity to get on the ice,” he said. 

“My daughter also skates, so it was the best opportunity to get out with everything going on and get some fresh air.” 

Adam’s great uncle, Cyril ‘Babs’ Horn, represented Great Britain in speed skating at the 1924 and 1928 Winter Olympics, and said he and his daughter have not skated in the Fens in three years. 

Adam, of Cambridge Filmworks, captured stunning drone footage of the scene and believes reliving the ritual of ‘Fen skating’ was worthwhile in the end. 

Welney girl skating over frozen field

Alesya skating over the frozen wheat field in Welney. - Credit: Adam Giles

Welney girl skating over frozen field

Adam Giles and daughter Alesya were keen to uphold the family tradition of 'Fen skating' as Adam's great uncle, Cyril 'Babs' Horn, competed in speed skating at the 1924 and 1928 Winter Olympics. - Credit: Adam Giles

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“I think most people that have had a go are bitten by the bug and if they will get that opportunity, and we don’t get the winters like we used to,” he said. 

“I think ‘magical’ is the only way to describe it.” 

You can watch the footage at: