Christmas 2020 in Cambridgeshire: What this year’s festivities will look like in Soham

Here is what Christmas 2020 will look like in Soham. Picture: Archant/Archive

Here is what Christmas 2020 will look like in Soham. Picture: Archant/Archive - Credit: Archant

Christmas across the country will look slightly different this year due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis – here’s how things will pan out in Soham.

Elizabeth Johnston of Soham Heritage and Tourism – who organises the annual Soham Winter Fayre – reveals their plans for Christmas 2020.

She said: “Of course the end of November would have seen the annual Soham Winter Fayre, with St Andrew’s Church and possibly members of The Friends of Soham Village College in partnership.

“Since March, like most, we have had to cancel or postpone everything that we usually undertake, be it talks, walks or events across East Anglia, whether they are our own or we are participating with others. All these plans and involvement are currently up in the air as are everyone else’s.

“However, for us as a group we do have a few other possibilities of celebrating the season with the community.

“They are obviously open for change, but we are trying to present some Christmas Spirit, even if it depends ultimately on a simple display in our centrally located cabinets.

“We furnish them throughout the year with various themes of local and/or national history and interest – located in the Clay Street Library and Soham Town Council Pavilion.

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“A pop-up shop for a week or two is also under discussion, but is still at a draft stage.

“One thing that hasn’t changed of course are the regular posts on our Facebook page and website.

“So regardless of what we do this year or not, I think it is more important that however we all spend Christmas, that it is with the people we love and that we enjoy the season the best way we can.

“Happy Christmas from Soham Heritage and Tourism.”

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