Care agency describes how its carers are “working incredibly hard” during coronavirus pandemic

Fen Homecare Ltd has 20 carers working and serving the community during the coronavirus lockdown.

Fen Homecare Ltd has 20 carers working and serving the community during the coronavirus lockdown. - Credit: Sabine van Erp from Pixabay

Fen Homecare, based in Soham, is urging the community not to make judgements against those who work in the profession.

Fen Homecare, based in Soham, says it has been facing backlash this week after social media users wrongly assumed its staff were among the group of Romanian friends who were pictured enjoying an Easter lunch during lockdown.

But a compliance manager at the agency, who has asked not to be named because the abuse has been so upsetting, has explained that none of its staff were in the photograph posted on Facebook of the celebration.

She said: “None of our staff were connected to that incident in any way. Everyone here is very well informed about our procedures, they know exactly what social distancing means, and various forms of communication are used to keep everyone updated.

“Our team has been working incredibly hard and each member has been absolutely fantastic throughout the COVID-19 crisis. They’re still going out to work, supporting vulnerable clients and their families and, let’s be honest, risking their lives to help others.”

She added: “I’m very, very proud to be working alongside all my colleagues at the moment as it’s extremely hard to be a carer right now.”

Incidents, including those of online abuse, have been reported to the police. Fen Homecare has also been liaising with the Care Quality Commission and Citation, a service that offers advice to care providers on its procedures.

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The compliance manager said one of the carers returned to her car to find a razor blade left next to her tyre.

She said: “We don’t want our care workers to be harassed or feel intimidated at work. They’re fantastic carers and professionals at what they do - and they all deserve our respect.

“All of us would love to be at home with our families right now, but we’ve chosen work that’s essential and want to help our clients get through this really difficult time.”

Fen Homecare employs 20 carers of various nationalities that deliver in-home care to around 50 clients in Cambridgeshire and Suffolk. The company was launched in December 2018.