Extra recycling bins will be made available...but homeowners will have to pay for them

Wheelie bin

Wheelie bin - Credit: Archant

Extra green wheelie bins will be available to households that want to recycle more but at a cost.

East Cambridgeshire District Council agreed this week that it would supply additional green bins on request but that an annual licence fee of £48 would be charged for the privilege.

The council says that, when it introduced the wheelie bin system last year, it agreed a contract with waste disposal company Veolia to collect one green recycling bin per household.

But Veolia said that if any extra bins needed collecting, the cost to the council would be charged at £29.90 per bin, per year.

On top of a series of additional costs – including the costs of green bin lids – the council has calculated that it will cost £48 to supply the bins and has therefore proposed to charge households that want an extra bin so that the public purse is not indebted.

In a report to councillors Dave White, waste strategy team leader, said: “Following introduction of wheeled bin services, concerns have been raised by some residents that the policy limits each property to a single wheeled bin for food and garden waste and officers have been asked to review options for the provision of additional bins.

“Collection charges agreed with Veolia for implementation of service charges were on the basis that each property was limited to a single wheeled bin.

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“The provision of additional bins will result in additional charges to the council for which funds have not been identified.

“It is suggested that service users should pay these costs through an annual licence fee.”

The council has proposed an initial run of 500 new bins, which will be distributed to people wanting a second bin on a first come, first served basis.