Expectant mother loses baby in tragic Mildenhall crash, with man responsible ordered to pay £720 and disqualified for 12 months

Kyle Overy,

Kyle Overy, - Credit: Archant

An expectant teacher from Ely lost her baby after a crash near Mildenhall a court has heard, with the driver responsible yesterday disqualified and ordered to pay £720.

Kyle Overy, 23, from near Brandon, repeatedly shouted “I have killed somebody” at the scene, only to deny he was at fault to police. He later changed his plea to guilty a few days before trial at Bury St Edmunds Magistrates’ Court.

A “momentary lapse” in concentration saw the former banger car racer, who lives at Decoy View in Sedge Fen, drift on to the wrong side of the A1101 near Kenny Hill at around 3.30pm on November 2 2015.

His Vauxhall Omega “limo” smashed into the front driver’s side of Bryony Marketis’s Ford Ka, sending both cars rolling into a dyke alongside the 50mph road.

A statement from Mrs Marketis, who works as a teacher in Ely, said: “All I can remember is the other car coming towards me. W

“hen I came round I was trapped in the vehicle and could not get out. My right arm was crushed against the window.

“It seemed unreal and it felt like it went on for ages. Eventually a man came to my car and then smashed the windscreen.

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“At the time of the incident I was 16 weeks pregnant – it caused the loss of my baby. I had to give birth hours later in hospital.

“This was my first pregnancy. It has had a terrible effect on me and my husband’s future personal life.”

Mrs Marketis may never get full mobility back in her right arm, which suffered a compound break, and is still dealing with the effects of multiple fractures to her leg, kneecap and neck.

The man who came to help was Steven Siezacek who was driving in front of Overy when he saw him roll off the road behind him.

He stopped to help but had no idea another car was involved.

“He [Overy] said words like ‘I have killed somebody, I have killed someone. I have hit someone head on, I am so sorry’,” Mr Siezacek said in his statement, read out to court.

He said Overy’s father, who was driving in front of the witness, came over. An ambulance was called for Overy who had fractured both ankles. His father, who owns the haulage business where his son works, said he would recover the vehicle himself and not to call the police.

Mr Siezacek’s statement continued: “I was thinking of leaving the scene but then I went to look at the back of the limo, at this point I saw another car with a female trapped inside.”

With the help of others Mr Siezackek smashed the windscreen and stayed with Mrs Marketis until paramedics arrived.

Police investigators found the collision happened on the Mildenhall-bound side of the road, with Overy travelling on the wrong side.

But he still denied responsibility, telling police: “I felt like this woman, she came like on the wrong side of the road and hit me.”

After the evidence was put to him, he said: “I did not cross the line or nothing, I was 100% on my side of the road.”

Defending Overy, Gavin Cowe told the court his client had a clean licence since he was 17, was a qualified HGV driver and had no previous convictions.

He said Overy was not speeding and regretted the “tragic consequences” every day.

Passing sentence, chairman of the magistrates’ bench Sarah Wenban ordered Overy to pay £500 costs, £20 surcharge and a £200 fine, disqualifying him from driving for 12 months.