Ex-serviceman from Littleport calls for better care for veterans

Ex-serviceman Vince Campbell from Littleport call for better care for veterans.

Ex-serviceman Vince Campbell from Littleport call for better care for veterans. - Credit: Archant

A FORMER soldier from Littleport is to lead a protest by armed forces veterans over what he describes as the Government’s “ongoing neglect” of those no longer in service.

Vince Campbell joined the Scots Guards in 1981 and served on operations around the globe up until 1995, when he decided to leave.

It was when he contacted the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to try and arrange his pension that he first encountered problems, with Mr Campbell saying that civil servants at first denied he had even served.

After hearing many similar cases among ex-service personal, Mr Campbell decided to set up Veterans in Need and has been campaigning for homes, pensions and proper healthcare for veterans ever since.

On April 15, the Littleport resident is to lead a protest on Old Palace Yard, opposite the Houses of Parliament, in a bid to get the voices of ex-servicemen heard.

He told the Ely Standard: “This ongoing neglect of veterans is something that has been a major issues going back centuries. There are thousands of veterans who don’t have to safe place to stay, don’t have a pensions and don’t have a health care plan.

“I have sent dozens of letters and e-mails to the MoD and to MPs to try and get something done but nothing seems to happen. It is easy to see why lots of ex-servicemen end up on the streets or take their own lives, it’s a desperate situation.

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“If people who were willing to lay down their lives to protect their country and society are treated this way, the public need to think how the Government will treat them. This has got to change.”

Mr Campbell is hoping to attract thousands of former servicemen and women to join the protest and says it could be a last chance to get to their issue heard.

He said: “It’s important that we take direct action now. If we can’t get enough support for this then we could face another five years before the argument is heard gain.”

INFO: You can get in touch with Mr Campbell and Veterans in Need via Facebook or contact the Ely Standard.