Ex-Pussycat Doll and Celebrity Masterchef winner Kimberly Wyatt pays surprise visit to Ely family for barbecue

Celebrity Masterchef Winner Kimberly Wyatt helped Daniel Baynham improve his barbecue skills and thr

Celebrity Masterchef Winner Kimberly Wyatt helped Daniel Baynham improve his barbecue skills and throw him a surprise barbecue party. - Credit: Archant

Former Pussycat Doll and Celebrity Masterchef champion Kimberly Wyatt sprung a surprise on an Ely family when she turned up at their home to hold a crash course in barbecuing.


Kimberly surprised Daniel Baynham and his family with a barbecue lesson.

Her visit was organised by the Tesco Flame Academy after it spotted a tweet from Daniel in need of some cooking tips.

The Flame Academy crew pulled up to Daniel’s house with Kimberly and a sous-chef in tow.

After the surprise introductions, Kimberly got started by demonstrating how to prepare barbecue dishes for summer. She then took to the grill to cook up a smoky storm of dishes for the guests before joining them at the table.

Kimberly said: “I’m from Missouri and back home barbecuing isn’t just popular, it’s a way of life.

“I’m thrilled that I could put the skills I learned on Masterchef into practice and surprise Daniel. The look on his face when he opened the door was priceless.

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“I hope my cooking skills made it a day to remember and I hope the whole family will be barbecuing like pros from here on in.”

Daniel and his family also received a hamper of goodies filled with all barbecue essentials including serving dishes, utensils and, of course, a new barbecue.

The Flame Academy aims to show how host the best barbecues by offering tips, tricks and inspirational recipes, how-to videos and advice from top foodies.

Alex Brittain, Tesco brand director, said: “The Tesco Flame Academy was set up to provide inspiration to our customers and help them host the best barbecues this summer. Who better to show us how it’s done than the 2015 Masterchef winner and barbecue expert, Kimberly Wyatt!

“We hope Daniel had a great day and that together with Kimberly, we have given him enough tips and tricks to make him the King of the grill at the next barbecue.”