Euro funding is needed to help tackle Ely junction bottleneck says Euro MP Richard Howitt

Euro MP Richard Howitt joins Remain Ely campaigners

Euro MP Richard Howitt joins Remain Ely campaigners - Credit: Archant

A call to stay in Europe came to Ely when Euro MP Richard Howitt joined the city’s Labour Party.

The Cambridgeshire MEP joined local activists with bright red posters and leaflets, emblazoned with the words Vote Remain in a bid to speak about his hopes for remaining part of the union.

Chair of the local Labour Party Alex Mayer said: “We’re delighted to welcome Richard back to Ely. This referendum campaign is about prices in the supermarkets, jobs and security.

“There is plenty of campaigning going on but the Labour Party has got a unique message to give out.

“The EU has helped secure workers’ rights including the right to holiday pay, paid maternity and paternity leave, anti-discrimination laws, equal pay and protection for agency workers.”

Mr Howitt said that EU funding was vital to tackle the Ely junction bottleneck and said Britain would be left facing an uncertain future if we left the EU .

Remaining in was vital for businesses in Cambridgeshire, he said.