Energy provider hopes green approach can take gardening by storm

Natura Grow range Pretoria Bio Chittering Ely

Pretoria Bio, based in Chittering near Ely, hopes peat-free fertiliser products under its Natura Grow range can help improve the environment, as well as being a benefit for gardeners. - Credit: Dynamic Creative

A renewable energy provider which grows and harvests maize in a bid to improve the environment hopes its new product will help gardeners take a more sustainable approach. 

Pretoria Bio, of Chittering near Ely, has launched peat-free fertiliser products under its Natura Grow range. 

Introducing Natura Grow: the peat-free and organic fertiliser solutions from Pretoria Bio.

Natura Grow is the innovative new range of fertiliser products from Pretoria Bio, an Ely-based green energy provider.  

Pretoria Bio grow and harvest maize as an energy crop, supplying green electricity to the National Grid and converting the organic plant residues into responsible and environmentally-friendly Natura Grow fertilisers.  

The conversion of the by-product into fertilisers takes place entirely in-house, maintaining a low carbon footprint and ensuring that the process is fully sustainable. 

Natura Grow products are entirely peat-free, sustainable and vegan-friendly, derived purely from plant residue and containing no food or animal waste.  

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High organic and natural nutrition is achieved by utilising these plant residues and locking them into a unique pellet formula.  

Suitable for use in every area of the garden, including lawns, beds and baskets, Natura Grow will appeal to both the casual hobbyist and the serious horticulturalist. 

Natura Grow contains all the essential nutrients that gardens need to thrive. The concentrated natural liquid fertiliser can be diluted and poured around the base of garden plants or pots for quick absorption as a potent source of feed. 

However, the real innovation lies in Natura Grow fertiliser pellets.  

The pellet formula is simple and effective, and the plant-based composition is packed full of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium that are beneficial to both plants and soil.  

This is illustrated by the fact that one box of Natura Grow pellets has the same growing power as 3.5 bags of compost. 

Crucially, Natura Grow is an innovative and responsible solution to traditional peat-based fertilisers.  

Pretoria Bio is conscious of the immeasurable damage that peat harvesting is causing to delicate ecosystems and have made it their mission to provide alternatives for the environmentally-conscious gardener and widen consumer choice in the market. 

Natura Grow is the answer to a significant sustainability question. It is currently both difficult and expensive for consumers to find peat-free growing media.  

By enabling peat-free options, the industry can play a vital part in saving this precious natural resource and creating a sustainable future. 

As all Natura Grow products are entirely wildlife-friendly, they will appeal to conscientious gardeners who are keen to make the change from traditional chemical and peat-based fertilisers with no detrimental effects on the ecosystem or environment.  

With a conscious shift in sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices throughout all levels of society, Natura Grow provides both businesses and individuals with an effective and ethical choice. 

Pretoria Bio understands that gardening is a true passion for many people.  

The new Natura Grow range will allow gardeners to indulge this passion to its fullest extent, safe in the knowledge that they have chosen products which are organic and sustainable, with a minimal carbon footprint, and which will result in healthy and fruitful gardens throughout the year.


Natura Grow is produced by Pretoria Bio, a leading maize grower and renewable energy provider in the East of England

Natura Grow is produced by Pretoria Bio, a leading maize grower and renewable energy provider in the East of England - Credit: Pretoria Grow

Pretoria Bio was originally conceived in 2012, with the mission of supplying renewable energy from sustainable biomasses in a consistent and long-lasting manner.

European Governments required companies to take the lead in dramatically reducing carbon emissions in a sustainable manner whilst still delivering a reliable and constant source of energy.

From a conceptual stage, Pretoria Bio designed and built anaerobic digestion plants for the creation of biogas.

This biogas is transformed into biomethane which is distributed through the national network, as is the electricity produced through combined heat and power generators.

The electricity and gas supplied by Pretoria Bio are distributed to thousands of homes in the East of England through the National Grid and the heat is utilised to dry the residues of the biomass following the digestion process.

The production process removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and retains it within the biomass, and this is used as the feed stock to fuel these truly symbiotic power plants.