Fitness coach who turned passion into a business 'never looked back'

Cambridgeshire personal trainer Emily Morris launched Emily Fitness in 2018.

Cambridgeshire personal trainer Emily Morris launched Emily Fitness in 2018. - Credit: EMILY MORRIS

A personal trainer from Cambridgeshire who turned her passion for fitness into a business at the age of 21 says she has “never looked back”.  

Emily Morris launched Emily Fitness in 2018 and has been delivering fitness classes and personal training to local people across the Fenland area ever since. 

Having already worked in gyms, she then decided to start her own classes on Monday nights in Doddington.  

“It was a bit of a spur of the moment thing,” she said. “I started it because I love teaching classes, it was and still is my favourite part of the job.” 

When she launched, Emily started with one one-hour circuits class and her average amount of attendees was about six to eight people.  

But, she says, “I didn’t care because I loved every minute of it and I loved that I was helping those people. 

“Especially bearing in mind most of them where family members and close friends.” 

As the years went on and demand grew, she decided to add another class: “I have made so many close friends and I love my Monday night team,” she added. 

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Some of the best things about running her own business, she said, is “being my own boss, managing my own time and designing the classes. 

“Putting on little competitions and also holding the Emily Fitness Christmas do that I hold every year, getting everyone together celebrating their achievements in that year.”

She describes her Monday night team as “my little family and we all look after each other.  

“I don’t even class it as a job it’s like a hobby to me.  

“The team has grown so much over the years which is so lovely to see, but a lot of hard work has gone into it, so much advertising, and its non-stop.” 

She added that one of the biggest challenges she’s faced to date was the Covid-19 lockdown.

“Not being able to teach or be together was very difficult, but I made sure everyone was still keeping fit and staying active by putting on over 100 live workouts for everyone to do,” she added. 

For anyone who is thinking of starting their own business, she encourages “go for it!

"You only live once and you need to live it enjoying life and enjoying your job as that is what you will spend most of your adult life doing.. so why not do something you love. 

“Believe in yourself and don’t let anyone tell you different."