Nobody home as police force entry after reports of drugs activity

Police raid on house in Ely

A police raid was carried out at a house along Walsingham in Ely on January 7 following a number of reports of drugs activity at the location. - Credit: FACEBOOK

A raid was carried out at a house in Ely following a number of reports of drugs activity at the location.  

Police officers conducted a Misue of Drugs Act warrant at the property along Walsingham on Thursday January 7. 

"Unfortunately, the occupants were not in and no items were siezed this time," said a police spokesman. 

Along with a photo of a busted door, a post on the Facebook page Policing East Cambridgeshire added: "No one told them that it was bad luck to keep your Christmas decorations up after January 6."

However, some social media users have since criticised the police's use of force to make an entry that didn't end in a result.

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One person said: "You smash through a door on hearsay?!" while others defended their actions. 

Another Facebook user wrote: "They wouldn’t do this on a whim. At least they’re taking action. 

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"This makes me feel a bit more confident in our police force." 

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