LETTERS: Green spaces, Covid cases rising, 'rat run' and respect

Charity plant sale in Ely on Saturday

Charity plant sale in Ely on Saturday - Credit: St Peter's

Here are some of the news and views from Ely Standard readers.

Flower power charity sale 

Charity plant sale in Ely on Saturday

Charity plant sale in Ely on Saturday - Credit: St Peter's

I hope that you may be willing to help the Church of St Peter-in-Ely 
(in Broad Street) to publicise a forthcoming charity plant sale 
on Saturday, November 6. 

November actually is a good time for planting out many hardy plants and shrubs and quite a few of these actually choose to flower in late autumn.  

Three delightful plants currently in flower will be for sale in St Peter's church precincts from 9.30 am-12.30 pm. 

They are the light blue, Algerian Iris unguicularis, a spectacular double pink chrysanthemum called 'Emperor of China' and a double version of the medicinal herb called 'Feverfew', perhaps an escapee of some former herb-garden, which has naturalized itself in the riverside district of Ely. 

St Peter's will also be offering for sale shrubs suitable for the winter garden.  

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Light refreshments will be on offer. 

Usually, St Peter's chooses two charities to support each year.  

The pandemic has made it difficult for churches to engage in their normal fund-raising events, so this plant sale has been planned to support 'Sing! Together!' and the international charity 'Operation Smile'. 


Church warden 

So Lucy what is the response?  

South East Cambridgeshire Labour demands to know what benefit Lucy Frazer sees in dumping untreated sewage into our local rivers 

Last week the six Conservative MPs in Cambridgeshire, including Lucy Frazer MP for SE Cambs, voted against requiring water companies to stop dumping sewage in our waterways. 

As executive members of SE Cambs Labour, we have written to Lucy Frazer asking what possible benefit there is in continuing to dump untreated sewage into our local rivers. 

Our open letter to Lucy Frazer is as follows 

Dear Lucy Frazer 

We’ve been contacted by many local residents who simply cannot understand why you voted down the amendment to the Environment Bill that aims to outlaw dumping of raw sewage into our rivers. 

The Lords amendment sought to impose a duty on water companies to “take all reasonable steps to ensure untreated sewage is not discharged from storm overflows”. 

Across England there was a 37 per cent increase in sewage discharges last year. It’s clear that current regulation isn’t working. 

It seems as if water companies are using waterways and rivers as a cheap way to dump effluent and sewage. 

According to legend, when Queen Victoria visited Cambridge early in her reign, she asked, “What are those pieces of paper floating in the river?”  

Rather than saying they were book and newspaper pages used as toilet paper, the tactful answer was, “Those ma’am are notices that bathing is forbidden!”. 

We do not want a return to Victorian times when rivers were health hazard. Yet there are already worrying reports about severe infections caught by rowers and swimmers in the Cam. 

Please explain to your constituents what possible benefit there is in continuing to dump increasing amounts of untreated sewage into our rivers.  

We can’t think of a reason. Perhaps you can enlighten us? 



SE Cambs Labour executive committee 

Concerns over Covid 

According to national statistics 1in 15 secondary pupils are suffering from Covid.

There have been a number of cases in our schools with Witchford  Village College, recently causing some concern, as well at King’s where apart from students' senior members of staff have succumbed. 

The Government adheres to the view that it will only really act when the NHS is threatened but surely common sense must prevail? 

Students should all be wearing masks whatever their age, in Ireland they even have to wear them for PE /games lessons in schools. 

A recent careers day at the cathedral attracted a large number of students from various schools and the wearing of masks and insistence on social distancing was not adhered to. 

I respect the views of anti-vaccers but in France you have to show your Covid pass in any restaurant or bar to be served or to fly anywhere.  

Food for thought. 


Covid jab lessens impact 

Being vaccinated doesn't stop you catching Covid ..you just don't get it as bad. 

Same as flu vaccine you can still get the flu but not as bad as you would if not vaccinated . 


Some had it worse than others 

My whole family have had it just recently. It is hitting people in different ways. 

We are all vaccinated and some have had it worse than others. It’s a virus it all depends on how your body reacts to it 



‘Rat run’ promise broken! 

I hear on the grapevine that Cambridgeshire County Council highways are about to break a promise to sort out the lorry "Rat run" along the A1142 from Earith to Fordham.  

While I am not directly affected it must be a living hell to live in what was once a quiet route along village settings which has now become a noisy, bone shaking mini motorway.  

I must admit my usage of the rat run before I retired years ago when I was driving my company car, when the A14 was busy, but then the rat run did include lorries but farm vehicles.  

This means the problem has existed for many years, but has now reached crisis point, a potential disaster is on the horizon.  

All the people who live in the villages have my sympathy and now deserve more support from everyone who lives in Cambridgeshire to ensure the county council does the right thing. 



Plea to save ‘green spaces’  

Re the planning application re 20/01006/FUM and the erection of 42 dwellings, to include parking for existing dwellings, landscaping and play spaces | Heaton Drive and Land to the west, Heaton Close, Kilkenny Avenue, Gunning Close and Nigel Road Ely Cambridgeshire 

Many people have tried to access the website to leave their objections, but sadly, it appears the site is blocked. 

During lockdown, this lovely green space has been invaluable for people to take exercise and enjoy the wildlife and beautiful trees. 

With houses being built everywhere. Ely will soon be a mass of housing estates. 

It is a crying shame that our council choose not to listen to the people who pay their wages. 

When we go for dog walks in future must we look forward to a ramble next to roads and houses. 

Well done to the Lib Dems for saving Jubilee Gardens, could they please save this beautiful area too? 



Should we still bow our heads? 

In response to a plea by a Cambridgeshire funeral director to restore respect by bowing your head when a hearse passes, there were conflicting views from readers.  

Here’s what reader Alex Hamilton felt: No definitely not, fair enough if its someone you know.  

But if someone dies the whole world doesn't resolve round them. It happens all the time.  

If not I would be bowing my head every time I left the house 

But Adam Harrigan offered a different perspective. 

I always bow my head if an 'occupied' hearse goes by, especially if there's a car full of family following it.  

I'm of a young(ish) generation, it's not something I've ever been taught to do but a subtle nod is almost just an acknowledgement, a simple gesture that says "sorry for your loss".  

It's not something I think people need to be told or urged to do though.. personal choice isn't it? 

I don't think that people who DON’T bow their heads to a funeral car are disrespectful or anything. 

Quick fix hospital solution 

Put money into RAF hospital in Ely....make it 24 hours. 

That will ease pressure all the new houses and people moving here. 

We need a good hospital open all the time !