LETTERS: Split views about Post Office move, litter solutions, ‘affordable homes’ and Eastern Gateway proposal

Ely Post Office is being relocated to7 St Mary's Street - an empty building that will be refurbished

Ely Post Office is being relocated to7 St Mary's Street - an empty building that will be refurbished with a stationery, gift, mobile accessories and repair store as well as an outside ramp to improve access. Picture: GOOGLE STREET VIEW - Credit: Archant

Split views about Post Office move

I’m just grateful they are keeping a post office in Ely open. With so many closing down, they provide a valuable service to Ely.


Surely, it’s a better option than two counters at the back of Costcutters. I’m just pleased we will still have one in its own space in Ely.

There’s a free car park across the road and on St.Mary’s Street.

I personally do not think it will be any worse than what we currently have.


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When I moved to Ely there were two or three post offices. Now there is just one which gets smaller every time it relocates.

The new premises will only have two or three counters for the whole of Ely. Busy times will be a nightmare. Does anyone at these consultations actually use our post office I wonder? I would like to say that the current staff do a fantastic job.


I usually go to the ones in Stretham or Littleport instead. More convenient hours and less queueing.


Real stupidity at work in Ely as per usual. When will common sense become common again I wonder?


With overall use of post offices reducing, as more and more is done online (including buy and print your own stamp labels at home).they must look for the most economic answer.

Otherwise, as with so many other branches, closure will beckon.


New homes for sale at MOD site

It’s a shame they are not actually affordable homes. End up paying more per month for these than you would for a mortgage.

I appreciate it helps people who can’t get the full mortgage but there’s a reason people can’t get the full mortgage and that’s down to affordability.


We need social housing more than ever. Affordable housing stinks to high heaven.


So, people that can’t afford to buy are left to subsidise private landlords then?

People voted for this corrupt charade. Let them suck in on it.


Litter solutions

I read with interest the latest letters about litter.

I entirely agree with the sadness and frustrations of my fellow readers, litter can be most unpleasant, and at worst dangerous to people and wildlife.

And for me, a natural rubbish taker homer and throw-a-wayer, the psychology of littering is baffling.

But it has been around since time immemorial, so it needs to be accepted as a behaviour, and there are some interesting studies that explain it.

So I’d like to challenge readers to suggest possible solutions. I have two ideas to get us started:

The first is a copy of a letter that I wrote to the CEO and COO of McDonald’s UK, summarised below:

I had noticed some stories and social media activity about increases in litter correlating with take away restaurants reopening, and there has been some inevitable outcry.

Personally, I am a pragmatist, and would rather try and find the positive in a situation.

For one thing, it isn’t McDonald’s fault if a customer doesn’t use a bin, but the negative association is difficult to avoid.

So I have a suggestion: creating a team of McPickers.

Each restaurant would have one or more McPickers who would go out into the community and ensure that no McDonald’s packaging was found within a certain radius of the store.

Imagine the positive brand equity that this itself would bring, not to mention creating employment when so many low paid workers are at risk of losing their jobs.

Sadly I am still awaiting a reply.

And secondly, an Ely Standard campaign! I think there have been successful ones in the past: Help our Hospices for example.

Litter does seem to be an issue that many of your readers are passionate about. There could be litter picking events and competitions.

Easy to do safely with the necessary distancing if well organised, and a positive thing to bring a community together that is emerging from a difficult few months.

And I’m sure there are lots of other things that could happen, with our wonderful Ely Standard as the fulcrum.

It feels as though it could be a wasted opportunity if it didn’t happen, but perhaps I’m just talking rubbish.


Eastern Gateway proposal

I would like to point out that your article concerning the proposed Eastern Gateway is very misleading.

There will not be a new health centre. There will not be road access to the town centre. A school will not be built on the old garden centre site.

The Bishop Laney field has been removed from the project reducing the number of houses to be built.

The proposed gateway field is on a flood plane and has permanent flooding in one area that has only been dry twice in the 40 years that i have lived here in Soham.

The field cannot be drained without draining East Fen Common and Qua Fen Common as well, which will obliterate the bio-diversity of both commons.