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Sign at Roswell Pits that has attracted the attention of our readers 

Sign at Roswell Pits that has attracted the attention of our readers - Credit: Contributed

Here's a selection of the views from some Ely Standard readers during the past week.

Show us a sign what this is all about 

Who has put these signs up in the Roswell Pits area? 

Email for the warden suggested does not exist? warden@rosewellreserve.co.uk? warden@roswellreserve.co.uk ? 


Veterans Breakfast Club  

Local nutritional ingredients supplier Cambridge Commodities is pleased to announce it is supporting its local Armed Forces and Veterans Breakfast Club through a new sponsorship deal. 

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Supporting a club such as this is really important to Cambridge Commodities. As a local business, we like to support the community where we can.  

The breakfast club had outgrown its last venue so we’re really pleased we can support with the new location. This means there is now extra space for new members to join.” 

The purpose of the Ely Armed Forces and Veterans Breakfast Club is to bring veterans and serving armed forces personnel together to meet face to face.  

The clubs aim to create a relaxed and safe environment for members to enjoy breakfast and banter among like-minded people. 

Breakfasts are held on the first Saturday of every month.  

To be eligible to join the Ely Armed Forces and Veterans Breakfast Club, potential members must be able to show proof they have or are serving in the armed forces. People can request to join through the Ely Armed Forces and Veterans Breakfast Club Facebook page. 

The first breakfast club is due to be held at 9am on Saturday August 7 at the Ely Tigers Ruby Clubhouse.  

The breakfast club has put extra precautions in place to help protect its members from COVID-19. 


CEO Cambridge Commodities 

A tale of two Bills  

It's interesting to compare two bills recently before Parliament. 

One seeks to protect the rights of animals as sentient beings, the other seeks to permit the killing of an unborn baby who has Down's Syndrome, up to the point of birth.  

Let's pray for wisdom and compassion for our Parliamentary representatives, as they make difficult choices; and the proper valuing of all God-given life. 



Somewhere to escape to... 

We're still announcing more and more wonderful things that will be taking place at The Unfamiliar Bazaar on Sunday August 15 at the Maltings, Ely. 

We've even got a Pop-Up Escape Room provided by the same genius behind the Escape Room at Oliver Cromwell's House and Visit Ely! 

Follow the event to find out who'll be there - we hope you'll join us! 



He left but came back – as warden 

Lovely article about Soham Grammar School in this week’s archive feature.  

A E Lawrence mentioned in the section about Soham Grammar school did not 'retire' - he went to Cambridge Grammar school, or some such and then returned to Soham in 1974 as the new warden of the comprehensive Soham Village College. 



Grants now available  

Applications are invited from local, voluntary and charitable organisations that provide a service which benefits the parishioners of the City of Ely.  

This includes Ely and the villages of Prickwillow, Stuntney, Chettisham, Queen Adelaide and Shippea Hill.  

The city council council has a small budget which is allocated to grants each year.  

It is also encouraging applications with regard to funding ‘one off’ projects or to support unexpected costs related to the pandemic.  

They would not encourage applications that were purely for supporting the organisation’s running costs.  

Please note that Local government regulations do not permit the award of grants to individuals. Grants will not be awarded to cover staff salaries.  

If you feel your organisation qualifies for a grant the application form can be downloaded from the Council’s website; www.cityofelycouncil.org.uk under the grants section.  

There are full details on the criteria and the council’s grants policy.  

The closing date for applications is 10.00 am on the August  19,2021. 


Clerk to the Council  

Giant cup is still splitting opinions  

Banksy in Ely... it's a tourist attraction that will bring visitors to spend money and keep it going. 

We are living in a modern world. Ely needs to come out of the dark ages. 



It looked awful without the artwork, but looks much better with. 

However, I imagine that most people who are saying the council are wrong would also be saying the council were wrong if their next-door neighbour had built one in their front garden without the correct permissions and the council allowed it to remain. 

I'm not fussed whether it stays or goes, but consistency is needed when it comes to building regulations, I guess. 



It’s crazy to me that the council can decide what your business looks like to attract consumers. 



Dear dear dear. What harm is this actually doing? Is it not just a quirky bit of fun? 

And may I say a fantastic advertising campaign too! 

Some people have far too much time on their hands. 



What is the issue honestly? It’s unique, fun, and quite pleasant to look at. People always have something to moan about. I vote to keep it. 



What can you do? If High Flyer had done their job and followed the law, it wouldn't be being applied correctly to them now. I like it, but if it's got to go because it breaks the law, it goes. 



Now it’s painted, it looks really good. I hope it gets to stay. 



As an aside in New Zealand, they have these sorts of quirky icons in most small towns and it does attract tourism and visitors lining up for selfies etc. 

And this is actually pretty tasteful compared to the Big Carrot of Ohakune or the Giant Gumboot of Taihape! 


After more than a year in which publicans could be forgiven for leaping from tall buildings, all credit to the owners of the ‘The High Flyer’ for still having enough enthusiasm to inject a bit of fun into the local, if not national mood.  

Their giant tea cup is a tonic. Let us hope that our council’s planners are simply going through the motions and after due process, this landmark will continue to be a cup that cheers.  

Milk, no sugar please.