Letter: Free parking and well-presented toilets - isn't Ely wonderful?

Isn't Ely wonderful, says East Cambs district councillor Bill Hunt. 

Isn't Ely wonderful, says East Cambs district councillor Bill Hunt. - Credit: VISIT ELY

Isn't Ely wonderful 

On Thursday June 3, the sun was shining and I was in Barton Road car park - as is often the case.

I found various groups of people wandering around looking for somewhere to pay for their car parking.

As you can imagine, I am so proud of our city that I explained how we in East Cambs do our best to welcome visitors and especially on market day.

I picked up where some of our visitors had come from; Nottingham, Whittlesey and Milton Keynes were just a few.

All our visitors loved Ely and remarked how friendly we all were.

The cathedral and Stained-Glass Museum was, of course, a big draw.

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The recently re-opened Ely Museum was high on our visitor's lists. And the river, they said, "is lovely".

But the real stars of the show, according to the lovely people I spoke to, were...

The free and well-presented toilet on Barton Square and, of course, the free parking.

The visitors I spoke to had come many times.

I left the car park with a real skip in my step.

God was in his heaven and I was near in Ely.

Bill Hunt, East Cambs district councillor

We will represent everyone 

As the new county councillors for Ely, we’d like to thank all those who voted for us in the recent county council elections.

However, it is our job to represent everyone in the Ely area - regardless of which party they support.

You will see some differences in policy at county level from the new joint administration.

For example, one of the first changes was to reduce the total spent on councillors allowances by £72,000.

But here on the ground in Ely, we hope to follow the example of the previous councillors in tackling local issues and representing your concerns.

We will be holding regular surgeries (online at present) but can also be contacted by email at alison.whelan@cambridgeshire.gov.uk  and piers.coutts@cambridgeshire.gov.uk

Alison Whelan (Ely North) and Piers Coutts (Ely South)

Vote of no confidence

It is a great shame that matters in Wilburton have come to a head in this way.

I see parish councillors as the very bedrock of our communities, they work tirelessly for their residents on a totally voluntary basis - and Wilburton Parish Council is no exception.

From running the village hall to looking after the cemetery, parish councillors keep our communities going.

I firmly believe that, although accountability is clearly important, on the whole, parish councillors should be praised and supported for their huge contribution; not put through unnecessary stress and criticism.

I have not been county councillor for Wilburton for long.

But I have already experienced how the current parish council work collaboratively with their district and county colleagues for the good of the village.

And how passionate they are about improving village life.

I very much hope that this experience will not cause Wilburton to lose good councillors and a good council.     

Cllr. Daniel Schumann, East Cambridgeshire District Council vice-chairman; Cambridgeshire County Council member for Soham South and Haddenham Ward

Funny that 

I note that, in recent weeks, the Ely Standard has carried items, and indeed correspondence, on both anarchic parking on Fore Hill and reductions in policing.

In particular, the withdrawal of PCSOs from the local scene.

I wonder if the topics could possibly be related?

Peter Harvey

Why I can't support 

This is why I can no longer support Save Wilburton: The Parish Poll - "I was blind and now I can see”

It wouldn't be about democracy as despite repeated invitation no-one from those opposed wanted to join the council.

It wouldn't be about democracy from those who used covid rules in stuffing the village hall at the parish council annual meeting, effectively preventing anyone else attending and voting on the motion of no confidence.

It wouldn't be about money as the councillors have no financial interests to declare in the development; neither have those in the role as trustees of SWCLT.

It surely wouldn't be about local landowners worried about future profits?

It wouldn't be about securing a future for young potential homeowners who don’t want leave the area but have to because they can’t afford it?

It wouldn’t be about the community gaining a huge area of open space to manage and enjoy protected from development permanently (Wilburton parish currently has the least land owned by a parish in the whole of East Anglia).

And it wouldn't be about giving Wilburton young and old a future moving from a centuries-old feudal system to a more inclusive community.

So, Wilburton residents, think hard about the motives of those who, by triggering this vote trying to get their way, enforced the spending of at least £1,500 of your precept on this process, and at no expense to themselves.

The 'big people or the little people' - it’s your choice to vote for.

Myself, I do not want the present councillors to resign over this issue.

I wouldn’t want the 10 volunteers offered to then be in charge especially as they haven’t offered their help before.

It has the appearance of a coup rather than some new democratic change.

Thus, I don’t see how they could be trusted as a group.

A long time Wilburton resident

Lions club 

We know summer has just started but Littleport Lions Club is looking forward to Christmas and need good quality teddies and soft toys for their “Win Every Time”charity Tombolas.

If you have any soft toys you can donate please contact David & Jenny Ellis on 07817 592438. Email; lionscluboflittleport@gmail.com

Collection can be arranged. 

We hope to restart our Breakfast with Santa this year so watch this space for further news.  

David Ellis, Littleport Lions Club 

Thank you 

Samba drumming workshops – all I can say is that our numbers went up after the publicity so the first workshop was sold out and the second had 11 people, so many thanks.

Sally MacEachern

Society meeting

The Arts Society Ely continues to meet online. The next takes place on Thursday July 15 at 7.30pm.

Rosamund Bartlett is giving a lecture entitled ‘ Diaghilev and the Ballets Rousses’.

This will look at how Diaghilev working with renowned composers, choreographers and dancers created ballet stagings of genius and revolutionised classic dance.

Visitors are welcome at £5 per lecture. If you are interested, please contact our membership secretary for details of how to pay and to receive the links for the lecture. Email smholgate@outlook.com.

For further information, please visit our website www.theartssocietyely.org.uk or visit our Facebook page.

Susan Bluck