Letter: Four new members join 'splash pad headquarters'

Four new members have joined the Splash Pad for Ely group. 

Four new members have joined the Splash Pad for Ely group. - Credit: SPLASH PAD FOR ELY GROUP

Splash pad update

Sitting here at 'Splash Pad Headquarters', with the weather getting warmer and lockdown easing, I think it’s a good time to start looking forward to the thought that Ely may get a splash pad.

As you may recall the City of Ely Council set up a working party which consists of Councilors Lis Every, Mike Rouse, Rebecca Denness, Alison Whelan and Christopher Phillips.

They have met a few times and have agreed to look seriously at our proposal.

We are delighted to announce the arrival of four new members to the group: Joe Hemsley-Rudd, Louise Kavanagh- Dixon, Janice Musto and Carla Coakley along with our original members; Bryony Braschi and Tracy Corley.

If anyone else would like to be part of this exciting project please contact angela@vcaec.org.uk for more information.

Do you know anyone who would like a Splash Pad for Ely? Residents are invited to show their support via the group's Facebook page, Splash Pad for Ely, Cambs.

ANGELA HAYLOCK,  What's Your Game? project community facilitator 

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Why I've joined splash pad group

Having grandchildren who live in the USA, I have so enjoyed watching them have fun at their local splash pad.

From being able to toddle in puddles to now enjoying the other water features as they grow older.

That's why I joined the splash pad group in Ely and am excited at both the opportunity to be able to help bring the project to fruition and, the potential of a new venue in Ely offering healthy outside activity for all ages.

Can’t wait to take my Ely-based grandchildren!

JANICE MUSTO, new member of the Splash Pad for Ely Group