Ely’s Wilkinsons store sells winning lottery ticket

Big winner at Wilkinsons in ely

Big winner at Wilkinsons in ely - Credit: Archant

An Ely store could expect an influx of National Lottery hopefuls after announcing it has seen at least one big win this year.

Jo Walsh, manager of Wilkinsons in The Cloisters, confirmed they have had notification from Camelot to say the store has sold a millionaire-making ticket.

However, a spokesman for Camelot said: “Winners of big prizes have three options, to remain anonymous, to make their luck public with a big cheque presentation, or to allow retailer publicity, which simply states that a big win ticket has been sold at a certain store.

“The retailer publicity allows the store to bask in the halo effect of a big win, to be considered a lucky store. There is no information about when the win was, all it means is there has been a win within the last nine months.

“It could have been a lottery win or it could have been a Thunderball or a scratchcard there is no way of knowing. There is nothing that can identify the winner.”