Ely Runners announce 10-week beginners’ course

Ely Runners announce their 10-week beginners’ course. Picture: SUBMITTED

Ely Runners announce their 10-week beginners’ course. Picture: SUBMITTED - Credit: Archant

Ely Runners are pleased to announce their next 10 week beginners’ course - commencing on September 17 2018.

Ely Runners announce their 10-week beginners’ course. Picture: SUBMITTED

Ely Runners announce their 10-week beginners’ course. Picture: SUBMITTED - Credit: Archant

The course is run by qualified coaches and supported by established club members. It is very friendly and aimed at runners of all abilities: speedy types, long distance types, and those who want to go steady and just enjoy it!

The aim of the programme is to gradually build on the skills, fitness and thinking required in order to complete a 5K run at the end of the course at Littleport Parkrun.

There is no obligation to attend the Parkrun at the end, but in our experience, those who have, loved it!

Ely Runners meet, come rain or shine, at the Paradise Sports Centre for 7pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and 9am on Sundays.

Ely Runners announce their 10-week beginners’ course. Picture: SUBMITTED

Ely Runners announce their 10-week beginners’ course. Picture: SUBMITTED - Credit: Archant

Tuesday sessions consists of hill training, speed work, repetitions and intervals. Thursday training is usually a longer steady run around the City and surrounding countryside.

Sundays is often a longer run in the countryside. If you’re not sure where to start, come and train with us and see what you think.

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We are always up for people coming and joining us for a few sessions free of charge.

The club has a healthy membership, is active and present at many races and athletic events at various levels, and has a well looked after juniors’ section.

The beginners’ course starting on the September 17 2018 will last for ten weeks, meeting at the Paradise Centre in Ely on Monday evenings (7pm-8pm).

It costs £25 in total, with a reduced full club membership fee should participants wish to join at a later date.

For more information contact Justin at beginners@elyrunners.co.uk or visit: www.facebook.com/elyrunner

Phil, a recent participant on the beginners’ course, said: “I started running aged 55 and for two or three years I ran very slow 5k’s, three or four times a week. However, being self-taught, I found I was unable to make any progress, so gave up when I moved to Ely.

“Now, three years later, I have found that joining Ely Runners beginners course has given me techniques that are improving my fitness and performance, week by week – brilliant.

“The very first week taught me more than I had managed to learn in my previous three years running experience. I’ve not only learnt how to run, but perhaps as importantly, how to stop being self-critical and give myself a break when I can’t run.

“That was all I had hoped for ... but what I hadn’t expected was the camaraderie.

“Being relatively new to Ely and working full time has meant that finding new friends here has been a challenge. Now, every Monday evening I meet up with great people and chat (when running permits).

“I also get to see the coaches regularly on their training runs in the area - all of whom are open to banter and all of whom make you feel that you can achieve more than you might think.

“I will take a very personal lesson away from this course - I love running with other people, being encouraged and helping to encourage is what this has all become for me.

“If you’re reading this and wondering whether to sign up, then in the words of a famous running brand - Just Do It!”

An anonymous participant said: “I joined the course as I was going through a period of anxiety and depression, and had heard that running is good for mental health.

“Day one came around and it was a wet March evening – but the coaches were so welcoming and full of enthusiasm that is barely mattered!

“I was apprehensive – would I be fit enough/fast enough to fit in with the group? These proved unfounded as there were a range of people with different levels of running experience on the course and enough coaches and club members out with us to ensure no-one was ever left behind.

“As the course progressed so did the distance, learning techniques and pacing to help us achieve the ultimate goal of being able to complete a full 5km parkrun.

“The coaches are obviously passionate about running and getting the best out of their students; if you are willing to learn they are very willing to help.

“As well as providing advice to the group as a whole they watched us individually to provide tailored advice.

“I regularly run 5 and 10k now, and have a half marathon and 16-mile cake run in the pipeline!

“Running has been my escape. It’s my time to clear my head and take a break from my thoughts.

“My mental and general health have benefitted greatly and I have found a new group of friends.”

John said: “At the end of last year I decided to get fitter and in January started the Couch to 5k.

“After three months I completed it and over the next weeks gradually increased my running time and distance until I did manage to run 5k.

“But it was slow and hard to motivate myself. And then I met Justin who was advertising this course, and he persuaded me that it was what I needed.

“The first day I was very nervous - this was not something I’d ever done before! But the coaches were friendly and encouraging and led us through a variety of running exercises that were actually fun.

“By the time we went through the stretches at the end of the session I was hooked.

“Through the weeks the coaches have been informative, encouraging, supportive and very understanding. As have the members of Ely Runners who have come along to help out.

“Their support has been invaluable! No matter what speed I’ve run there has always been someone keeping pace, encouraging and supporting. I’ve learned that there are no shortcuts in running - it takes time and effort and change is gradual.

“But change there is! Through the various training exercises (intervals, hills, trails) my running has been slowly improving almost without me noticing until in week 8 I went on a run that produced personal bests at every interval up to two miles!

“In the end, the course has shown me the methods I can use to maintain and improve my running. It’s shown the camaraderie that can be found in group running and has made me a few new friends. And I’ve found the feeling of achievement in improving performance. I might well become a regular parkrunner for a start.”