Letters: RBL thank you, bridge struck again, station parking and more

Ian Lindsay and Mary Neal of the Ely Royal British Legion

The incoming Royal British Legion City of Ely branch president, Group Captain (Ret'd) Ian Lindsay, passed on his thanks to Mary Neal, branch member, for the donation and purchase of a bench located at Cherry Hill. - Credit: DAVID MARTIN

RBL says thank you 

The incoming Royal British Legion branch president, Group Captain(Ret'd) Ian Lindsay, passed on his thanks to Mary Neal, branch member, for the donation and purchase of a bench located at Cherry Hill.

Mary donated the bench to the City of Ely Royal British Legion Branch for the work they do in the local community especially with the support they have given to Mary and her late husband Roy. 

Following the picture opportunity, outgoing president Jason JJ Jeffrey handed over the chains of office. 


EARTH paid tribute to long-serving member Victoria Hearne-Casapieri who has stood down as chairwoman after 15 years.

EARTH paid tribute to long-serving member Victoria Hearne-Casapieri who has stood down as chairwoman after 15 years. - Credit: MIKE ROUSE

EARTH paid tribute to long-serving member Victoria Hearne-Casapieri who has stood down as chairwoman after 15 years.

EARTH paid tribute to long-serving member Victoria Hearne-Casapieri who has stood down as chairwoman after 15 years. - Credit: MIKE ROUSE

Bridge struck again

Readers reacted with mixed feelings about the latest bridge strike near Ely station.  

Most Read

As per usual someone with a car licence is completely oblivious to the height of a Luton van.

Nice to see the police have charged them with undue care.


How can it be that drivers do not know the height of their vehicle? 


Put the swinging bar back – they hit it before they go under the bridge.  

I never understood why they took it away 


Wouldn’t you think there are enough warning signs? 


People follow satnavs and don’t use their eyes 


It’s hit just as much now as it was before the new bypass was built.

So why don't they just close the underpass to all vehicles?

It's the only way to stop it from being hit by idiots 


A great injustice 

The new starter furlough scandal was one of the biggest injustices in modern time. 

People who lost their job because of the government's decision to lock down the economy were excluded from furlough support because of the date they started their job.  

Of course, the lockdown then prevented them from finding work elsewhere, so were systematically ruined by the government. 


Parking at station

With reference to the article in last week’s Ely Standard regarding the parking at Ely station.

I started parking when I went back to the office in June and pay online each time.

To date, I have received three parking notices and contested them online showing the receipts.

These are for the first three days I parked so I am expecting loads more. 

I agree the frustration is the time taken to go online and contest them and the fact you cannot speak to anyone.

I find it really stressful, even though I know I have paid.

The worry that the notices will not be cancelled is just an additional stress no one needs. 

NCP need to address this problem urgently. 


Charity's head office moves

Age UK Cambridgeshire and Peterborough (AGEUKCAP) has moved its county head office to new premises on South Fens Business Centre, Fenton Way, Chatteris, PE16 6TT.

Having spent 25 years based at 2 Victoria Street, Chatteris, the move takes the local charity just across the A142.  

The charity’s office located in Peterborough is also moving, vacating rented accommodation at The Lindens, 86 Lincoln Rd, Peterborough PE1 2SN at the end of September and relocating to Pinnacle House, Newark Road, Peterborough, PE1 5YD. 

Both moves will support delivery and cost efficiencies in our operations. Our premises were aging, in need of work or upgrade to make them suitable for our ever-changing service delivery.

During the pandemic, we have adapted to a new way of working and many of our staff are now home or community based which has been made possible by the transformation of our IT infrastructure, having moved entirely to cloud-based systems.

Core staff and volunteers will work from the offices with hot desk and meeting facilities for visiting colleagues. Meanwhile, our property in Chatteris continues to be marketed. 


Worrying rise in Covid cases at Cambs schools

I read with concern about the rising numbers of Covid cases in Cambridgeshire schools and the desperation among County officials and senior leaders in schools for support from central Government.

In the Ely Standard of 19 September 2021, Lucy Frazer MP wrote she was 'delighted' by the arrangements made in schools as the autumn term began last month.

I note that Ms Frazer praised the use of hand sanitisers. Covid is airborne, so sanitising alone is insufficient. Similarly, screens and visors give minimal protection as they do not form a true barrier.

Proper masks do provide protection for those around the wearer and to some extent the wearer themselves.

This was established last year. Sadly, vague government messaging and Tory Ministers' blatant masklessness has undermined this.

Schools however know the risks all too well, though new diluted guidance from government leaves them exposed despite their best efforts.

Armed with insubstantial guidance, schools have been left on the front line trying to teach youngsters whilst keeping everyone safe.

Without adequate means, the virus is now running rife in Cambridgeshire schools.

Sickness and self-isolation of staff means that online learning may become a reality again.

The problem is illustrated in an update for carers and parents from Ely College sent on Friday October 1:

"There is a considerable lack of clarity regarding LFT tests from central Government. Initial guidance had been that students and staff were only required to keep testing until the end of September.

"However, this guidance has now disappeared from our briefing packs and there is no real clear idea on if the testing is to be extended or for how long for.

"I do know, however, that we are now able to order new LFT packs, we were previously not given any further delivery dates, so this might/should/could be taken to mean that we are to carry on testing."

Government had a triumphalist conference this week in which it applauded an early return to normality and prematurely set a heading for the future.

In good conscience, Lucy Frazer MP and her colleagues should take a reality check and address the continued prevalence of Covid by urgently giving schools the advice and resources they need to ensure a safe and productive learning environment for our children.



If we are keen for more biodiversity - i.e. a lot of different plants and animals - to my mind, this does not mean just letting everything go. 

It needs to be managed. The impression given is that you just have to leave your grassed areas for nature to take over.

We inherited a graveyard that, except for the grass being mown, had been left to nature.

This meant only a few main plants taking over - e.g. seven graves covered in brambles.

However, with careful management, we have now had far more variety.

By not only cutting the grass around the graves for robins, thrushes, and blackbirds to get their worms.

But by planting mini wildflower meadows which the bees absolutely adored, stacks of wood piles and, by planting many more different kinds of wild plants put in strategic areas. 


Flower club

Littleport & District Flower Club are meeting again on Friday October 15 at Littleport Village Hall at 7pm for 7.30pm start. 

Entry is £5 including tea or coffee. This month's demonstrator is Lesley Beeton with ‘country life’.


Arts Society meeting

The October lecture for the Arts Society Ely is being held via Zoom on Thursday October 21 at 7.30pm.

The lecture, given by Jane Gardiner is entitled ‘Through a glass darkly - a study of glass through the eyes of the artist’.

This will explore the way in which artists over the centuries have included transparent glass objects in their paintings.

Guests are welcome to join for a small charge of £5.

Please email our membership secretary for details of how to pay and receive links smholgate@outlook.com.

For further information about our society please take a look at our website www.theartssocietyely.org.uk or visit our Facebook page.


Information for Boris

On behalf of all carers, care workers, the NHS and other overworked souls in the caring industry...

What is this life, if full of CARE?

WE have no time to stand and stare.

At golden daffodils swaying there.