Ely photographer captures the autumn change in sunrise snap

This picture was taken by Ely riverside. Picture: MARY NEAL

This picture was taken by Ely riverside. Picture: MARY NEAL - Credit: Archant

An early morning rise for amateur photographer Mary Neil led to her catching this snap of the sunrise in Ely.

“I took this by Ely riverside and I thought the patterns in the sky looked really nice,” she said.

“The clouds looked different and it was very serene. You could see that the weather was going to change soon.”

The 76-year-old says that she enjoys catching the natural beauty of the sunrise on her iPad.

She added: “It keeps me happy, has become a nice hobby and is a good bit of exercise too.”

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This picture was taken at 7.07am on September 21 in the midst of the change in season – two days before autumn equinox.

The date is based on the earth’s orbit around the sun and the position of the sun in the sky.

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Every year the equinox falls on one of three days towards the end of September.

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