Ely residents name their top transport priorities

TACKLING the congestion at Ely’s railway crossing came out top of the pile in a survey of the state of transport in the city.

Feedback from residents, local groups and businesses was gathered by East Cambridgeshire District Council to help the authority build a picture of the developing transport needs of the city.

Over a period of two months, an online survey, market stall and stakeholder event were held to help to outline a number of the issues which resident said needed to be tackled if the city is to thrive.

The points raised included: tackling the road congestion at the Ely’s crossing, changing the culture of the city away from the reliance on cars and pedestrianising the city centre.

Residents were also keen to see more controlled crossings, improved cycling lanes and signage and the potential for 20mph speed limits in the city.

The issues raised and others will now be investigated as part of a second round of traffic surveys carried out by the district council.

The work will help to draw up a shortlist of priority projects which could be taken further.

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Councillor Peter Moakes, chairman of the development and transport committee at the district council, said: “If Ely is to thrive as a city we must ensure we have the infrastructure we need. This is why we are working with Cambridgeshire County Council and City of Ely Council looking at how to improve the transport systems we have.

“We started this work earlier this year asking the businesses, residents and visitors what we could to improve to help to build up a picture of traffic issues.

“We are now going to look at the issues which have been suggested to see what is deliverable and what we can afford to do.

“It is important to note that yet again the issue of the road congestion at the Ely Railway Crossing rose again and we are working to make sure we resolve this.”