Cubs leader and children commemorate Remembrance Day from home

While the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic put a stop to full Remembrance Day parades this year, residents across Ely and East Cambridgeshire didn’t let lockdown prevent them from honouring the fallen.

One such family were the Smiths, who stood on the doorstep of their home to pay their respects on Sunday November 8.

Angii Smith, who is leader for 2nd Ely Cubs, stood proudly with her two sons - Caiden from 2nd Ely Scouts and 2nd Ely Cubs member Finley.

Angii said: “It felt very weird not being in a parade this year, but we stood on our doorstep instead and paid our respects.”

Steve Smith, Angii’s husband and Caiden and Finley’s father, added: “I’m so proud of them.”