Rail station hopes to bolster city tourism bid with new addition

New posters of Ely at city railway station

New posters are on display at Ely railway station in a bid to increase tourism to the city. - Credit: Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce

New posters which boast some of Ely’s attractions, including its cathedral, have been put on display at the city’s railway station. 

The posters, which show attractions such as the town centre and its waterways, have been funded by the Hereward Community Rail Partnership (CRP), Community Rail Network and Visit Ely. 

Hereward CRP hope that the additions will encourage commuters and tourists to visit Ely now and in future. 

“Visiting Ely by rail is easy and there is much to discover, but it’s a bit of a well-kept secret,” Beverley Bishop, Hereward Line CRP officer, said. 

Anna Bennett, tourism and town centre manager for Visit Ely, said: “The station posters are a great boost to our tourism footfall, especially after the pandemic as we try to re-coup.” 

The posters were supported by Community Rail Network’s small grants fund. 

Paul Webster, Community Rail Network’s support and development manager, added: “This has made a visual impact at the station and will inspire more people to spend time exploring Ely.”