Primary school pupils arrange poppy display for remembrance

Pupils at a village primary school have created a stunning poppy display for the Remembrance commemorations.

The various arrangements are on display at the Robert Arkenstall Primary School, in Haddenham, near Ely.

Headteacher Kate Bonney explained the children have been learning about remembrance, and the community is more than welcome to admire the display on their daily lockdown walk.

She said: “Every year we support the British Legion and children proudly wear their poppies.

“We also dedicate curriculum and assembly time to ensure children understand what Remembrance is all about.

“This year we can’t do our usual whole school assembly so we have made a whole school display with every child, from the very youngest contributing.”

She added: “The beautiful display can be seen at the front of school which the community can see as they take their lockdown walk.

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“We hope you enjoy it and it helps everyone to reflect on the service offered to this country.”

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