Ely police chief constable asks 13 year old to keep his Art Reach piece

Alec Wood's Art Reach 2016 entry

Alec Wood's Art Reach 2016 entry - Credit: Archant

A 13-year-old budding artist received a personal letter asking for his artwork to remain in chief constable Alec Wood’s office.

Harry Redman, who wasn’t shortlisted in the 11 to 13 years category of Art Reach 2016, said he was surprised to find himself as the chief constable’s favourite piece.

Sergeant Phil Priestley, who helped organise Art Reach, said: “When the short-listing was done locally, Mr Wood didn’t get to see Harry’s piece.

“When he saw it on display before the event he immediately pointed it out as his favourite.”

The final of event, which was hosted at King’s School, Ely last month saw 18 young artists shortlisted and five awarded prizes for their submissions.

Harry emailed the chief constable to give him permission to keep his work on display at Ely police station Headquarters, and promises to follow up with another submission for next years competition.