Ely My Shop Is Local service hopes to assist independent shops with internet sales

A new shopping service for Ely was unveiled on Friday by MP Lucy Frazer.

Ely My Shop Is Local was declared open at an event at the Old Dispensary, which included appearances by local dignitaries and independent shop owners.

The company, which was started by long-term Ely residents Martina and Ivar Jenssen, hopes to assist local independent shops with their internet sales.

They said: “These days the local independent shops are facing an increasingly tough competition from online sales run by national retail chains like Argos or John Lewis, as well as online retailers like Amazon.

“The internet site: ely.myshopislocal.co.uk is aiming to assist local independent shops with internet sales.

“Having selected goods online from one or more local shops, customers can chose to collect their order from the shop or collect the order later in the day from Spar, Ely on High Street. Alternatively, orders can be delivered the same day.”

Ely My Shop is Local’s offices will be located at 4 Fore Hill, Ely.

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“By using ely.myshopislocal.co.uk local residents can support their local shops even if they cannot make it to the town centre that day”, said Martina.

“It is easy to use and you can decide if you want to collect your order or have it delivered that same evening.”