Ely mum Jo pens her first book to help give those with disabilities a voice

Petulia Pig, by Jo Morgan.

Petulia Pig, by Jo Morgan. - Credit: Archant

A mother from Ely has ventured into the world of book writing in a bid to support people with learning disabilities.

Jo Morgan, who works as a sales advisor in the city, teamed up with her daughter to pen the tale of ‘Petulia Pig’ – a ‘small but fun loving’ pig who has issues with having faith and showing courage.

The book tells the story of Petulia’s growth, development, courage and strength, ‘all wrapped up in a magical style of rhthym, rhyme and song.’

Jo was inspired to write the 73-page tale by her daughter, who suffers from severe learning disabilities, and struggles to communicate with others.

“The book is for people who don’t have a voice,” she said. “My daughter doesn’t have any communication at all and there are many other people out there in a similar situation.”

Jo’s first book has been released as an E-book on Amazon and also features impressive black and white illustrations by her niece, Emma Richardson.

“I’d never thought about writing a book” said Jo. “But now that I’ve written one, I’ve moved onto my second book, which is already twice as long as the first!

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“It’s influenced by J.R.R Tolkein and is all about fairies and hobbits, so will be mostly aimed at children.”

‘Petulia Pig’ can be bought at https://www.amazon.co.uk/Petulia-Pig-Jo-Morgan-ebook/dp/B01H94U83S.