Mayor of Ely reflects on everything there is to be proud of in the city - and looks ahead to 2019

Cllr Mike Rouse is new Mayor of Ely alongside his younger daughter, Cassie, as Mayoress

Cllr Mike Rouse is new Mayor of Ely alongside his younger daughter, Cassie, as Mayoress - Credit: Archant

It hardly seems possible that we are already over half way through this mayoral year as the time has gone so quickly.

My aim was always to get out and about and meet as many organisations and people as possible.

Hopefully this would help to connect organisations and publicise what they are doing.

To this end, the Ely Standard has been hugely supportive in featuring stories about many of these organisations and events.

2019 looks like being another year of political uncertainty, but what I am more confident about is that there are many charities and organisations in Ely that exist to help and support people in the community.

I have met welcoming church communities, all offering friendship and much more than just holding church services: FenProbe providing talking books for the blind, Talking FreEly offering support for those with mental health issues, as well as the K9 Dog Cafe and, one of my personal favourites, the wonderful therapy dogs who cheer up everyone who meets them.

For those who have children with special needs there is Little Miracles and Spectrum, while Pos+Ability helps stroke victims recover through exercise.

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There are numerous others that I haven’t mentioned, like the Rotary Clubs, Inner Wheel and Lions, the volunteer centre driving people to hospital appointments, all working selflessly week in and week out.

Then there are so many heart-warming events organised to support causes like the EACH Colour Dash and the Santa Run in aid of Arthur Rank Hospice where young and old, even entire families, come together to raise money.

I hope during this year we can continue to connect people who may need help and support with those who can offer just that.

As mayor I am in a privileged position to help, but everyone can play a part through good neighbourliness and awareness of the needs of others.

That is what makes a community that we can all be proud of, not just our fine historic city.